Happy 'Island of Love' ending: Mehdi and Vanushka unite!

Viewers can only separate the couple for a short time! On Love Island, candidates Vanushka and Mehdi were swaying like crazy. They were even a couple who found each other relatively early on. It couldn’t have been nicer, but fans of the dome show probably saw it differently – they chose the Mahdi! So his Queen of Hearts destroyed Vanushka – but now there was a happy romantic ending!

In fact, Mehdi’s husband wanted to leave the villa with him. “No, you stay. Don’t worry. We’ll see you at the latest when you’re out here!” But RTL2 has created something very special for the lovebirds so they don’t have to be apart for so long. Because the two missed each other after only a few hours.

Then the beautiful blonde received the following message: “Vanushka, I will wait for you in the private suite. If you decide to come to me, you won’t be able to go back to the villa anymore. Your Mahdi.” The 22-year-old didn’t have to think long and rushed over to her son for a hug. Together, they romantically left Love Island.

“Love Island – Hot Flirts & True Love” on March 21 at 8:15 pm and from March 22 every Monday through Friday and Sunday at 10:15 pm on RTLZWEI and then on RTL+.

Vanushka, ‘Love Island’ – Kandatin 2022
Ina and Vanushka, “Love Island” 2022
Mehdi and Vanushka, Love Island 2022
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