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Hansa Rostock set an exciting mark in the second division exit battle – with an amazing last minute win over Schalke 04. The promoted team won the thrilling match 4: 3 (2: 2) on Saturday.

By Johannes Friedock

The North Germans led the Kelsenkirchen promotion candidate three times. But Schalke attacked Simon Dorothy’s man three times. But in the fifth minute of stop time, Nils Frowling created a collective excitement among the Hansa fans who traveled with them. “I’m proud and happy. We’ve got three points that no one expected,” coach Jens Hartell said after the game.

Rostock coach Jens Härtel gestures at the edge of the field.  © IMAGO / Pixar Point LE

Audio: Hansa-Coach Hartell: No one thinks these three points (4 minutes) are good for us

His team has been rewarded for strong performance and has now collected 19 points to impress outside the home – a strong result. If Holstein Kiel had been a guest at next Friday (6.30pm) at Home Osteostadion, McLenberg would have had no exit worries. After all, they have left the place they are currently pushed into the table.

Ingleson highlighted Hansa

After a stormy opening minute from Schalke – Marius Bulder missed two good chances to take the lead (2nd, 4th) – Hansa brought the game under control. The Hanseatic League not only successfully excluded the hosts from their own penalty area, but also occasionally showed themselves in front of a Kelsenkirsen goal. However, in the long run it was not really dangerous – until the 25th minute: Swande Ingleson ended the impeccable counterattack with Harris Tulzewic and Pascal Briar to make it 1-0 for Rostock.

Torrode equalized twice for Schalke

The lead lasted for eight minutes, after which the negligence in the penalty area was equalized. Kerim Calhanoklu’s crossbuilder extended to Torode – header from a suspicious offside position, scoring 1-1 (33 ‘). Hansa keeper Marcus Golke then made two excellent saves against Targo Surlinov (37 ‘) and Kalhanoklu (39’), then converted a goal after a counter-attack to make it 2-1 for the guests (40 ‘). But again the joy lasted a while: Deroth again equalized with a head (43 ‘).

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Fryer scored after Malone’s throw, …

The team, which was promoted from the Baltic Sea, was not impressed by Schalke possession football even after the restart and took the lead for the third time: Ko Idakura, who tried to throw a long throw from Ryan Malone at Briar’s feet. Hansa (56th) Calhanoglu – 3: 2 with his wall slightly deflected!

… Putting together the Torode Three-Pack, …

The hosts’ attack attempts were then unimaginable for a long time. Goal threats are usually created only by long-distance shots. Härtel-Elf were pushed further and further back in their own half. Derot was initially dismissed by Colke (74 ‘) but equalized shortly afterwards (82’).

… but Hansa’s last word!

At the time of the injury, Colke had saved his team from defeat against Marvin Pierringer. While everyone was already waiting for the final whistle, Hansa grabbed the ball again. After a cross from Thomas Meissner, Frowling remained in place and pushed the ball into the net for Hansa’s victory (90 + 5).

Sweden’s third goal of the season had a devastating effect on Schalke coach Dimitrios Grammosis. He was released from the Bundesliga exit squad on Sunday morning.

Rostock's goal scorer Swande Ingelson (2nd from right) celebrates a goal with his teammates.  © IMAGO / Ulrich Hufnagel

Audio: Listen to Hansa Madness in Schalke (2 min)

Match Day 25, 05.03.2022 1:30 p.m.

FC Schalke04


Hansa Rostock



FC Schalke 04:
Friesl – Idagura, Salif Sane (45. + 1 Tiaw), Kaminski – Matriciani (64. Bearinger), Flick (86. Idrisi), Kalhanoklu (86. Lot) – Surlinov, Jalaser Martinez (63. Trexler)

Hansa Rostock:
Colke – d. Becker (76th J. Retell), r. Malone, Rosbach, Neydard – H.. Behrens, Frode – Ingelson (82nd D. Meissner), Tulzewicz (76th Frowling) – Fryer (68th Sikon), Verhoek (76th). Meissner)


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