GTA 6: the alleged leak should show the entire map - fans react unanimously

GTA 6 fans are wondering what the map will look like. Now, through an alleged leak, a card has appeared on the Internet, with a clear opinion.

This map for GTA 6 is set on the web, but there is a lot of opposition from fans.

This map for GTA 6 is set on the web, but there is a lot of opposition from fans. (Source: Reddit / ColonelPuffin)

  • The image should show the GTA 6 map.
  • However, fans are not particularly convinced.

Fans finally want to know what the GTA 6 map will look like, and therefore there are many assumptions and alleged image leaks on the network. We took the new combined map above from the online Reddit community.

It shows a closed game world and could represent Vice City, the GTA equivalent of the American city of Miami.

Fans are not very excited

However, Reddit users are by no means convinced and clearly describe the card as a fake. According to many fans, it is also too small for the GTA 6 map, although it is not certain that it will be huge.

GTA 6: Fan Emblems & Covers

Fans have created cool logos, stickers and covers for GTA 6. Here you can see them on the screenshots.

Rockstar Games has already confirmed GTA 6, but it has not been revealed yet. We are already giving you a prediction for the expected release time of Grant Theft Auto 6.

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