“Goodbye Germany” star Oksana Kolenitchenko: Menopause at 34?  – News

Oksana Kolenitchenko is a mother of two. However, the “goodbye Germany” star has now received a diagnosis that she can no longer have children.

Is on TV Oksana Kolinitchenko Always sunny and standing man. But stay away from the cameras. “Goodbye Thailand“She now had to deal with a serious diagnosis that turned her life upside down. For many years, a former DSDS participant battled an unknown disease and now has the name Hashimoto. About ten percent of the population in Germany suffers from thyroid disease, Oksana is lucky, finally A diagnosis can be made and it can be treated. On Instagram he writes: “I’ve been struggling for almost 2 years, 80% improvement – only the last 20% are stubborn, now I know why … unfortunately it just was not found …”

“Goodbye Germany” star threatens premature menopause

A few days later he gave an update to his followers. She wants to tell them that her hormonal balance has been disturbed by stress, taking antibiotics for many years, and Epstein-Barr virus and liver problems. Menstruation announces itself in advance with her – only 34 years. The doctor asked directly if she wanted more children. “Although I have no plans for the next few years, in a few years – when Ariel & Milan are already big, Babitska, who came a little late, may come into our family, and without it it would be better to plan now… But if she wants to have more children, I have to start now “Because she doesn’t know if my body can wait these few years,” she said, “and it shocked me.” Germany “-star.

Oksana and Daniel Kolenitchenko are parents of two children

Ariel and Milan are now out in the woods. Ariel goes to school after summer vacation, a little girl like her mother. No wonder Oksana imagines having children again. Both she and her husband Daniel are now giving her full strength, and the recovery process is in full swing. She writes that she has dealt with the matter and that it is OK.


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