Home Top News Germans stranded in Kabul: KSK helicopters could help with rescue

Germans stranded in Kabul: KSK helicopters could help with rescue

Germans stranded in Kabul: KSK helicopters could help with rescue

The Germans are trapped in Kabul
KSK helicopters may assist in the rescue

The situation in Kabul is chaotic. How many Germans are still waiting to be rescued in the Afghan capital – at least publicly – is unknown. And how they can get to the airport safely is also subject to bold consideration.

According to its own reports, Bundeswehr has been bringing more than 1,600 people to safety since the start of the week in Afghanistan. In addition to local Afghan workers and other people in need of protection, hundreds of German citizens were expelled. But several hundred Germans could still be in Taliban-controlled country, according to the German Press Agency on Thursday evening, citing the Foreign Office.

Meanwhile, the “middle three-digit number” Germans have registered on the ministry’s crisis list. At first there were less than 100. After the Islamists came to power, due to the dramatic situation in Afghanistan, many later announced. The numbers kept changing. The 40 embassy staff who flew to Qatar on Monday night were not taken into account.

It is questionable to what extent the remaining victims will be able to get to the airport through Taliban-controlled streets and be allowed there by the international armed forces. In order to rectify the situation, Bundeswehr is also considering an extension of the Special Forces Command (KSK), according to a media report. According to “Spiegel”, KSK helicopters will be used to pick up security guards directly from the city or other areas occupied by the Taliban and bring them safely to the airport.

According to the report, two small KSK helicopters are to be brought from Germany to Kabul during the day. So the helicopters will have the A400M transport aircraft. KSK actually releases helicopters hostages because the aircraft can be used even in the most mobile and densely built cities.

With the help of agile helicopters, KSK soldiers will be able to rescue small groups in the coming days. “Spiegel” reports, citing Bundeswere sources. So far, German soldiers have operated only inside the airport, which is guarded by the US military.

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