Full Moon on November 19, 2021: a cold, snowy omen!  This predicts a dark snow moon

Attention fans of astronomy: On November 19, 2021, not only a full moon can be seen in the sky, but also a partial lunar eclipse. You can read all the information about the note and more details here.

In November, not only can a full moon be seen in the sky, but a partial lunar eclipse can also be seen.
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A very special event will appear this week for astronomy lovers: on November 19, 2021, a gloomy snowy moon will shine in the sky. In some areas there is a partial part at the same time Lunar eclipse Visible.

Full Moon November 19, 2021: Partial lunar eclipse darkens snow moon

On November 19, 2021 (Friday) at 9:57 a.m. noon Mouth Full moon phase. At the same time, a partial lunar eclipse occurs. At 7 o’clock, the moon enters the semi-shadow of the Earth. The lunar eclipse reaches its climax at about ten o’clock. subordinate full moon Then nearly 98 per cent is covered. Thus, the scene almost corresponds to a total lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, MoFi from Central Europe cannot be observed. It is visible only in the far west of Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, Greenland, North America and the Pacific Ocean. If you still want to watch the astronomical event, do not be sad. There are many live streams broadcasting lunar eclipses on the internet.

Like other full moons of the year, the November full moon also has some very special qualities – like a snow moon or a haze moon. But why is it called that? Does the full moon predict icy winter weather?

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The gloomy snow moon as a bad omen? This is why the November moon has this name

However, the moon often got its nickname from seasonal events or usual weather phenomena. This can also be assumed from the names “snow moon” and “moon fog”. who – which weather However, the full moon does not predict. Nobody has to be afraid of snowfall or being very foggy on that day. If that’s the case anyway, it’s purely a coincidence.

Weather forecast for the Dark Snow Moon on November 19, 2021

To see the full moon, you need a little luck, especially in the fall. Because the only requirement for that is a cloud-free sky. But even if the weather isn’t out of sync, you can see a three-day full moon around November 19, 2021, according to NASA. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), it will be partly cloudy in the coming days.

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