Frank Otto and Natalie Volk have reunited after splitting

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“My Probably Last Love”: Frank Otto and Natalie Volk are back together

Frank Otto and Natalie Volk

Frank Otto and Natalie Volk (at an event here in 2016) rediscovered each other

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It has been quiet around Natalie Volk for a long time and now the former GNTM model has reported back on Instagram. There she reaffirms her relationship with businessman Frank Otto.

When asked by a fan if he had come back through “Mr. Otto” he answered with a simple “yes”. Natalie Volk reposted on Instagram and answered in a question and answer session what had been in the room for a few days. The former GNTM model and the Hamburg businessman are in a relationship again.

Frank Otto and Natalie Volk reunite

By the end of 2020, Otto and Vol had been separated for five years. He flew to Turkey with his new partner, Hell’s Angels rocker Timur Akbul. The engagement took place on the beach in September last year. “My yes forever,” the model wrote, who recently called herself Miranda DiGrande. Love does not last forever, however, and soon after the engagement the separation occurred. Natalie spent time in New York, briefly dating entrepreneur Samuel Azarev.

Frank Otto had a low profile all the time. There was no mud coating between the two. “Frank and I have always been very close. Frank fought a lot for me and I really appreciate that,” Volk RDL revealed. As he now reveals on Instagram, the entrepreneur talked nicely about him after he got engaged to another person.

“Probably my last love”

However, with her it was different. “I’m always been under a lot of pressure – I’m used to be with my ex-partner too, and I often gave up what I wanted,” he said in an interview with RTL after the breakup and mocked his ex-dress code: “I thought so. Age is not right – well, I’m in my early 20s. , At times I was really like a grandmother. “

In his story, Volk has now released a picture of the book that Otto sent to his brother. “To Christian, probably my last dear brother, in connection with this special woman and in the friendship he has formed,” he wrote on one page. News dated October 1, 2021, about a month after Natalie Volk’s engagement to Akblut.

That: RTL

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