With so many players playing, Salzburg increased the pace for 90 minutes and got chances against the World Club from Spain, not progressing with all its stars. Nova Okafor missed two seats, but Luka Suzuk hit from a distance (43.). Barcelona equaled Martin Pride White (82nd) ​​with joy and flattery, but Aaronson qualified 2-1 (90th).

The match against the Catalans also served as a test run to the decisive play-off for promotion to the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. But before Brandby goes home to Copenhagen on August 17 (9:00 pm), games against Austria (h) and Admira (a) are part of everyday life in the Bundesliga. Barcelona start in La Liga on 15 August, their first defeat now in Salzburg after three wins.

The house sold out in the pouring rain

For the first time since 1993, the best FC Barcelona played a game in Austria, and for the first time since February 2020 the stadium in Walls-Seasonheim was resold. The highlight of the next Test match – in 2019, Salzburg played against Real Madrid (0: 1) against Atletico a week ago (1: 0) – tickets were gone in a day.

Salzburg fans and pyrotechnic insertion

GEPA / David Grecker

Fireworks in memory of Barcelona, ​​the weather alone did not cooperate

The 29,520 spectators also overcame the adverse rainy weather, with some taking off their “barka underwear” and trying to get photos with their sports favorites near the stadium. Austrian newcomer Youssef Demir was asked for photos, which were rare or absent as a quick player in Salzburg.

The stars on the field, Demir on the bench first

Despite the absence of full-fledged superstar Lionel Messi, he will sign a new contract after returning from the holidays, with spectators seeing some Barca stars on the field.

Antoine Griezmann (Barcelona)

GEPA / David Grecker

One of the Barcelona stars at the stadium: French world champion Antoine Griezmann

Coach Ronald Koeman allowed the Spanish world and European champion Sergio Busquets to start, as well as French world champion Antoine Griezmann and Dutch internationals Frankie de Jong and Memphis DeBay. Gerard Big sat on the bench, followed by Demir, who scored 3-0 in a test at Stuttgart.

The Salzburg hardship upset Barca

Matthias Jais rotated Salzburg from eleven after a 7-1 win over Raid, but that did not lessen the intensity of the “Bulls” – nor against Barcelona. After a fireworks display before the game, one or the other Catalan star was clearly caught on the wrong foot, and they were surprised to see the enemy’s physical presence. In the course of the first half, especially the Busquets and Debay had to take a lot, the captain and Goman immediately surrounded the refereeing team around Renee Eisner.

Sergio Busquets (Barcelona)

GEPA / David Grecker

Busquets led the Barcelona selection in Salzburg

An intense game was created in which Salzburg were able to quickly beat the famous ball-loving Barcelona. As both defensive lines revealed gaps, there was not only a lot of speed in the first half, but also many chances to see.

Debbie was intercepted by Greissman and Jordi Alba (7th), bringing a dangerous header from Ronald Arrojo (8th) into the following corner. Salzburg came back with great speed over Karim Adeomi, who once wanted Barcelona to go towards them, but they had no penetrating power in the last three.

Okafor offers great opportunities

It should have been 1-0 for Salzburg in the 25th minute, but it wasn’t Nova Okafor’s day. After Suzuki intercepted an alpha back pass, the midfielder served five for the striker, but Okafor missed the target – this should not be the last time. Mohamed Kamara picked up the yellow card shortly after for a foul again.

Nova Okafor (FC Red Bull Salzburg) was disappointed

GEPA / Patrick Steiner

Unfortunate Okafor: Switzerland misses best chances, but Salzburg eventually wins

It was serious, it went back and forth, there were deals on both sides. Before Greissman stroked the top of the bar with a soulful lifter (37th), Debay first deflected Jerome Onguin and spun the ball to the right (34th). Again, Salzburg should have scored when Ademi served for Okafor after a speed improvement. The 21-year-old was able to cross the five (38th) ball again. Not only was it the most expensive new addition in the club’s history (11.20 million euros) the arena couldn’t believe it.

Successful victories from afar

With all the good things coming in third, Suzuk simply went into the dressing room with a well-deserved tour of Salzburg. Putting it a little over 20 meters from the Ademi gate to Suzuki, Groot pulled to the left. De Jong lied to NATO, which represented the German Mark-Andre der Stegen (43.). The “Bull” arena eventually turned into a madhouse.

Greetings from Luca Suzyk (FC Red Bull Salzburg)

ABA / Barbara Kindle

Luca Suzuki took the lead for Salzburg from a distance

During the break, the mood calmed down, and then the hosts showed a different face because Jaisley exchanged nine men. Okafor was on the field and could probably reward him with a goal. But it shouldn’t be, Okafor stumbled and missed more chances (45th, 48th, 52nd).

Glorious Compensation, Appreciated Success Goal

The newly formed Salzburg team was able to keep Barcelona off goal early in the second half, but without really forcing the other side. About an hour later, the break continued, and the unfortunate Okafor departed for young star Benjamin Cesco. Koman brought in Demir for Chrisman in the 72nd minute. Cheers and cheers – Demir Viennese – spread throughout the stadium.

Youssef Demir (Barcelona)

GEPA / David Grecker

BFB Legionnaire Youssef Demir came on for Barcelona in the 72nd minute to revive the game.

Barcelona pressed the decision, but initially got a long shot by “joker” Alex Balde, who divorced substitute goalkeeper Philippe Cone (69th). In the end it was very turbulent. First, Barcelona managed a flattering equalizer with Dan Brightwhite, who happily fired a deflected shot from Omar Sollet into the goal (82nd). But Salzburg pushed the tie and rewarded themselves with a 2-1: Adamu hit the bar after Seavold Pass, with Aaronson on goal (90th). This is a worthy result of the highlight of another Test match.

Football, Test match

Salzburg – FC Barcelona 2: 1 (1: 0)

Walls-Seasonheim, Red Bull Arena, 29,520 visitors (sold out)

Door: Susik (43.) Aaronson (90.) bzw. Bright White (82.)

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