Five reasons why Dynamo can finally win again

Dresden. Results, direction, failures – There are several reasons why Dynamo extend their negative streak in Sunday’s first leg against Fortuna Dusseldorf and slip into the relegation zone. However, there is also hope that the earnings crunch will be over. Five points speak clearly in favor of the climber. SZ lists them – in some places with a twinkle in the eye:

Confidence to win a demo game

Six-game losing streak, Dynamo can’t win anymore? this is not true. The match ended in a 3-1 win last week – against a second division team. Even if the opponent FK Usti nad Labem came from the Czech Republic and was just a test, this gives you self-confidence. Three goals in 90 minutes, last achieved almost two months ago against Bremen.

Even the professionals who didn’t show up for the audition because of their international appearances came back with more confidence. Ransford-Yeboah Königsdörffer scored the winning goal in the U20’s 3-2 win over France shortly before the end. Sunday will be a good opportunity to score a goal for Dynamo for the first time this season. Guram Gyurbilidze was with the Georgian national team in their 1-0 victory over Uzbekistan for at least four minutes. In Dresden, the left-back has only been on the bench for a month, despite Chris Lowe’s last outing due to the coronavirus.

Long-term return

Tim Knipping and Panagiotis Vlachodimos (both torn cruciate ligaments) are still missing – for a long time. However, there is finally good news from the medical department. With Kevin Eilers, Brandon Borrillo and Patrick Wehrauch, the long-injured trio return against Dusseldorf. Ehlers and Borrello managed to get into the starting line-up, each scoring one goal in the Test against Usti nad Labem. With Ehlers defense should gain stability and with Borrello attack should gain creativity and penetration. In the end there was a shortage of both. “In principle, they are three newcomers,” said coach Alexander Schmidt. “I have made more progress since testing in training. As an Australian, Brandon never puts any pressure on himself, I trust Kevin 1000 per cent and Patrick is indeed a top class player.”

Positive record against Fortuna

Admittedly, Dynamo cannot show a real record against Düsseldorf. But: a positive is a positive. Of the 17 official matches against each other, the Dresdeners have won six and lost five, and there have been no winners in five duels. But what’s more important than looking back: With success on Sunday including a two-goal difference, the yellow-black can top Dusseldorf in the table. According to Schmidt, only this viewing direction is currently allowed. “We figured out what happened, and we don’t waste any more thoughts on it. We just look forward and we have to win this match – whatever the way.”

It will also be the end of the negative chain. Christoph Frank coined the often-quoted sentence from one of these years past: “The longer the chain is, the more likely it will be torn.” However, Frank was not supposed to be the honorary member of Dynamo at the last canceled general meeting Saturday due to his success as a random coach but for his appointment as coach.

Two ex-Düsseldorfer on the team

Knowing the strengths and especially the weak points of the opponent has become a must in professional football. Analysts work on training teams to evaluate and prepare videos for team meetings. In addition to the videos, Schmidt can also draw on the personal experiences of two professionals on his team. Borillo and substitute goalkeeper Anton Mitriushkin played in Dusseldorf last season, so they know their opponents better than most. “Of course I talked to them,” Schmidt said. “But we have already done a comprehensive analysis of the city of Dusseldorf beforehand.”

More pressure on the discount

In terms of the results of previous matches, Dinamo is the worst team in the second division, but Fortuna does not perform better either. The club has only had one win in its last six matches, which has been part of the Bundesliga for 25 years. Andreas “Lumbi” Lambertz, a veteran in Dusseldorf and from 2015 at Dynamo for three years, believes: “For Dynamo, as a climber, it is all about saving yourself somehow. On the other hand, Fortuna would like to play a bigger role in the promotion campaign,” the player said. The 37-year-old, who is now an assistant coach for Fortuna’s under-23 team, reports in Bild newspaper. Because of the forecast, the pressure is higher than that of Dresden. Perhaps this also applies to the Dusseldorf striker, Rowan Hennings. The 34-year-old has been waiting for his upcoming seventh goal of the season for over a month.

Sä reports on the match in detail on Sunday here in the live video.


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