'Final Chart Show' 2021: Oliver Jessen Looks for the Most Successful Fantastic Party!  Who is in first place?

Oliver Geissen is looking for the best party ever.
Photo: TVNOW/Frank Hempel

It doesn’t take much for a successful summer party: sun, cool drinks, good friends, and the right music. The hits in particular are very popular among the party crowd, especially in the summer. to Oliver Jessen Reason enough to find the best party ever in the new edition of “The Ultimate Chartshow”.

2021 “Hit the Final Chart Show Party” with Oliver Jessen on June 25.

If you don’t want to miss the TV show, tune in to RTL Friday evening at 8.15pm. The guest list is also great again. Among others, Oliver Jessen welcomes Might Kelly, Ramon Roselli, DJ Ötzi, and Jürgen Drews to a duet with Ben Zucker and Kirsten Ott in “The Ultimate Chartshow Party-Schlager” in the studio.

‘Hit the Final Charts Show’ 2021: Who’s the #1 winner?

Spectators eagerly waited for the first place. What party hits are you most likely to end up with in the first place? Is the winner possibly a studio guest? Or was Helen Fisher in the end the one who fought her way to the top of the charts? Schlager Queen was at least at the top of the list in the Twitter community. But in the end, the singer had to admit defeat to the song “Dein Stern” by DJ Ötzi and Nick B.

Did you miss the ‘final chart show party’ in 2021? The whole sequence as iteration

If you don’t have time to watch “The Ultimate Chartshow Party-Schlager” 2021 live on Friday night, you can watch the entire episode as a replay. RTL will be broadcast again on TV on June 26, 2021 at 12:20 AM. If this time doesn’t suit you at all, you can watch the full episode “The Ultimate Chartshow Party-Schlager” online at RTL’s media library as VOD.

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