Fewer hospitalized patients, but positive cases continue to rise in France

The number of patients diagnosed with Covid-19 continued to decline Thursday, but the number of infections is rising, a trend observed for several days, according to daily figures released by health authorities in the evening.

Hospitals received 21,287 patients Thursday (including 1,122 who were admitted in the past 24 hours), compared to 21,509 patients on Wednesday and 23,175 seven days earlier. Critical care services, where the worst affected are treated, received 1,928 patients (including 121 who arrived in the past 24 hours), up from 1,966 on Wednesday and 2,231 the previous Thursday.

The number of new positive cases reached 74,818, according to the French Public Health Authority, compared to 60,225 a week ago. The seven-day average, the most faithful witness to the true trend of recorded infections, was 58,335 cases versus 56,251 cases on Wednesday and 50,646 cases a week ago. And 100 Covid-19 patients died in hospital within 24 hours, bringing the number to 139,880 deaths since the beginning of this epidemic, just over two years ago.

Stagnant vaccination

Last week, Jean Castex announced that the muzzle would only be worn during transport, and that the vaccination card would be suspended from March 14. The corporate health protocol will also be lifted on Monday.

As for vaccination, this is stagnating: 54.24 million French have received at least one dose (that is 80.5% of the total population), 53.3 million have been fully vaccinated (79.1% of the population) and about 39.25 million have received a booster dose, according to the Directorate General of Health.

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