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Federal Parliamentary Election 2021 Results: Constituency Donov-Rice

Federal Parliamentary Election 2021 Results: Constituency Donov-Rice

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From September 26, you can see the results of the Bundestock election for the Donau-Rice constituency and everywhere here. This includes the districts of Tillington, Aldenmunster and, to a lesser extent, Isaac-Friedberg.

You will get the results for the Dono-Rice block Bundestack election This article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications. Tillington, Altenmünster in the district of Augsburg and some places from Isaac-Friedberg. We provide you with the respective results for each individual location.

Following this, the election results were not limited to the parties based on the second vote. You will also find out which direct applicant got the most votes in the election and definitely voted Bundestag Moving inside.

Federal Election 2021: Results for the Donau-Rice constituency

How did the people in the Donau-Rice constituency vote in the 2021 federal election on September 26? The results for the first ballot and the results for the second ballot can be found in the updated data center here.

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Election results for the 2021 federal election: Donovan-Rice, Dillingen, Aldemanster and partly Isaac-Friedberg constituency 254

All cities and municipalities from Donau-Reese County and Dillingon under Donau County are part of the constituency. There are also a few places from Alden Munster and Aichke-Friedberg County from Oxburg County. An overview of all the places in the block can be found here. Click the name of each place to see results for a specific city or city:

Danube Rice (Absolutely)

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Tillington District In Danube (Absolutely)

Augsburg District

Isaac-Friedberg County

Other municipalities from districts Augsburg And Aichach-Friedberg in the Augsburg-Land constituency and the Augsburg-Stadt constituency.

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Bundestag election results: Previous election results for Nortlingen, Donawart or Dillingen

How Eligible People Voted in the Bundestag Elections in the Donau-Rice Constituency Four Years Ago Nordlingan, Donawarth Or does it include Tilling? Here are the 2017 results for the second ballot:

  • CSU: 43.3 percent
  • AfD: 14.7 percent
  • SPD, 13.8 percent
  • FDP: 9.2 percent
  • Greens: 6.9 percent
  • Left: 4.6 percent
  • Others: 7.5 percent

Almost everywhere in Bavaria, the CSU has set itself apart by a significant margin from other parties. It was followed by AfD, SPD, FDP, Greens and the Left Party. However, the CSU lost more than twelve percent of the points compared to the 2013 election.

As a direct applicant, Ulrich Lange went directly to parliament from the CSU in Berlin. He received the first votes before Christoph Florian Schmidt from the SPD. (sge)

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