Fat Dog's Reaction to Lettuce Goes Viral: 'The Appearance of Betrayal'

A clearly overweight dog’s frustration with his new diet-friendly dinner brought the internet to a halt this week after it gained viral attention on TikTok.

Corgi/German Shepherd is called a hybrid with thousands of followers on video sharing app Flaco – which ironically in Spanish means “skinny”.

On June 21, TikTok user wtflaco shared a puppy video sharing the moment the dog got a green bean salad for lunch. With more than 1.7 million views, it has delighted viewers.

The caption reads, “Look of betrayal,” while the text overlay says, “When lunch is a green bean salad because your vet called you fat.”

The footage shows Flaco’s unimpressive reaction as he glances at his health power and then looks at the camera to express his disappointment.

“I hurt his feelings,” one commenter joked. While another said: “How do you resist this face.”

One viewer wrote: “Oh my God, that face.”

“Apologize and make him his real food,” another user on TikTok joked.

VCA Animal Hospitals report obesity as the most common preventable disease in dogs in North America, with approximately 25-30 percent of the dog general being obese.

Obesity can shorten a dog’s life and increase the likelihood of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems, among others.

If you suspect that your dog is overweight, it is always best to ask your vet for advice on how to modify his diet for healthy weight loss. “It is not appropriate to reduce the amount of their current food. VCA Animal Hospitals explained that this will lead to malnutrition over time. “It is appropriate and important to feed a food product that has a lower calorie density, but still has an adequate nutritional balance.”

One viewer wrote: “It looks very sad.”

Another commenter on the TikTok video said, “Oh, his sad eyes, give him a treat or something else to eat.”

Another viewer wrote, “My dog ​​loves green beans.” In fact, another dog’s love of green beans delighted the Internet this week after it gained viral attention. “I can’t stop laughing,” one person joked after seeing the green bean-loving pup, “”face. the noise.”

Another user on TikTok joked, “I understand his pain.”

Another viewer said, “Give him a reward,” and obliged the owner of the flaco to give the puppy a healthy reward in another video, in which she gave him a boiled egg.

Pet MD agrees that boiled eggs are good for dogs because they are an excellent source of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Other viewers suggested different foods to try out the dog’s new diet, with one commenting, “Have you tried broccoli or canned carrots? My little girl loves these things and is on a strict diet due to diabetes.”

News week wtflaco asked for comment.

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Pug Dog looking for fresh lettuce
File photo of a dog looking at a large bowl of fresh salad. A video of a dog getting frustrated with his new diet-friendly dinner has left viewers in a state of confusion.
Alexander Zinzirov / Getty Images


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