Explosions in Dresden! Large-scale security of the fire brigade at Albertstadt

Thick clouds of smoke on Albertstadt and howling sirens on Thursday morning! The Dresden Fire Brigade is taking action.

Dresden – Thick clouds of smoke on Albertstadt and howling sirens on Thursday morning!

A fire broke out in Albertstadt, Dresden at around 7am on Thursday. Ric Eric Runninger

At the request of TAG24, a spokesman for the Dresden Fire Department confirmed that a liquefied gas filling system was burning at an industrial site in Albertstadt. The emergency call came at 7 p.m.

“There will always be explosions and heavy smoke,” it said in a statement released by the fire brigade on Twitter.

Firefighters are asking residents Albertstadt And ClotseyClose windows and doors and turn off ventilation and air conditioning systems!

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A TAG24 reporter at the site currently reports prolonged traffic jams around the crash site.

Police have confirmed the complete closure of the Conixbrooker Stray (P97) between Fabricstrace and Moritzburgh Weck in Newstodt.

Meanwhile, the areas around Herman-Mende-Stress, Am Logerplots and Um Colonplots are completely closed.

Drivers familiar with the area are asked to drive more around the area.

In addition, trams are parked in the affected area or diverted as follows:

Line 7: Diversion from Benrich to Albert Plots via Newstadt train station, Anton- / Leipzigger Stress, Carolplots, Furnisher Plots to the final stop Bluen, Notch Strait.

A helicopter orbits the operating area for at least 30 minutes. More information is not yet available.

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