A woman in Estonia made a discovery that was probably hated by many: she found herself in a stable called the Rat King. The term refers to the fact that many rats have a knot or stick in their tail. In the present case, 13 rodents were hanging together – they were all still alive, The portal “Euronews” reports.

“Mom wanted to feed the birds this morning. She opened the door – and the rats lay in front of her at a presentation,” said Johan Uybopu, from the Estonian area of ​​Polva.

“This is a very rare occurrence for two reasons: first, rat kings are very rare. There have been a maximum of 60 discoveries in the last 400 years.

The Altenburger Rattenkönig Museum of Natural History in Altenburg, East Thuringia is one of Mauritius’ special interests. © Quelle: Image-Alliance / ZB

I Museum of Natural History at Altenburg, Thuringia The largest mummified rat king ever exhibited was the famous Miller’s Chimney in 1828. It has 32 mice.

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