Estefania Woolley Comes to

Estefania Woolney comes to ‘Always Sundays’ on Sundays – Stefan Murs is already laughing

07/03/2022 at 12:30 PM

Over and over on Sunday: Three facts you didn’t know about Stefan Murs

Over and over on Sunday: Three facts you didn’t know about Stefan Murs

Stefan Gross has been running “Always Back On Sundays” since 2005. Here are three facts about the trumpeter and singer that you don’t know yet.

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Estefania Woolney And public broadcasters – this probably won’t be a big love affair anymore. We remember the year 2019. Estefania Woolney Appears in “Fernsehgarten” ZDF. After her performance, Wollny’s daughter answered Andrea Kiewel’s questions and the “TV Garden” scandal broke out.

When asked by Kiwi what’s up Estefania Woolney Because I hope for years to come, Wollny’s daughter replied that she wanted to make her a great singer. Since Kiewel can no longer hold out. Laughed aloud.

Estefania Woolney comes to “Always Sunday” on Sunday

The audience immediately interpreted the laughter as mockery. Estefania protected the medium after a short time on Instagram. “As you have seen and heard, Kiwi also said that I could sing and did not laugh at myself. Kiwi’s comment was not far from reality, she did not laugh at me or frustrate me in any way. It was a smile and I did not feel attacked or insulted,” the 20-year-old said. “.


this “Every time on Sundays“:

  • The first version of “Always Sunday” was shown on June 11, 1995 on ARD
  • The show was directed by Max Schutzer from 1995 to 2003
  • In 2004 Sebastian Del took over
  • Stefan Moros has been the company’s president since 2005
  • Many celebrities can be seen as guests on the show
  • Show tickets are available online


Now Estefania is venturing back into public service. Next Sunday, the RTL2 star will appear on ARD on “Always Again on Sunday”. And at the thought of her performance, Stefan Mross actually had to laugh.

Estefania Woolley: Stefan Murus has to laugh now

“Who else could we welcome him next week?” asked Stefan Murs at the end of the July 3 broadcast. “We have Bernd Stelter with us, we have Nockis with us, with us…” Then Moros started laughing, “I really want to get to know you. Estefania from Wollnys.” And now Morss couldn’t hold out any longer. Once again he laughed out loud.

The broker only adjusts itself after a short moment. “There will be a good atmosphere,” the 46-year-old smiled. Well, we’re curious.


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What was happening with Stefan Mross? Suddenly he had to interrupt his audience.


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