Epic Games brings you a fast-paced action RPG

Epic Games brings you a fast-paced action RPG

This week, Epic Games presents another real hit. With Maneater, you get an open world action RPG where you have to eat your way to the top.

The Epic Games Store attracts PC players to the store with various advantages. In addition to exclusive games and big sales, visitors can also At least one new free game every week Be happy. It’s worth taking a look, because every now and then there are real popular movies or sexy insider tips. And best of all: once you save, you can keep the games forever!

Epic Games: This time it’s free for you


Maneater – Launch Trailer

This game is all about survival. In an open world, you will face a lot of loot, but also enemies. Find the right resources to grow and become a basking shark.

The game was rated “Very Positive” on Steam. fans raise Enjoy progress and replay value Outside. The game has a stable rating of 70 on Metacritic (Sources: steam / Metacritic).

Manager you can Free until June 16 at 5 pm To make a backup.

The next free game

Gone are the weeks of Epic Games hiding upcoming games behind a countdown. This time you can already know what awaits you next week.


Supraland is primarily a first-person action puzzle game Inspired by Zelda, Metroid and Portal had become.

Your task is to explore the open world, solve puzzles and find skills to reach new places. According to developer Supra Games, you can expect 12-15 hours of gaming fun.

On Steam, players rate Supraland “Very Positive”. Fans love the funny dialogues, various puzzles, and hidden locations. The game has a good rating of 85 on Metacritic (Sources: steam / Metacritic).

Securing yourself Superland From June 16 at 5 pm Free.

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