Emmanuel Macron announces 50 million vaccines for the first time

By SudOuest.fr with AFP

On Friday, Emmanuel Macron announced that 50 million vaccinations had been reached for the first time

On Friday, Emmanuel Macron announced, in a video posted on social media, that 50 million people had received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“The vaccine saves lives, the virus kills, it is simple,” said the head of state at the end of this video, which takes pictures of the entire vaccination campaign that began at the end of December 2020.

17 days delay

The 50 million threshold was reached 17 days after the end of August target set by the government in July. But it represents, for the executive, a victory because roughly 3/4 of the population is now at least tentatively immune.

About electro music, the video posted by Emmanuel Macron begins with the face of Morissette, who, at the age of 78, was the first person to be vaccinated in France.

Without going back to the slow beginnings of the campaign, the video then shows her gradual rise in power, with images of people being bitten, including in the media from Health Minister Olivier Veran, as well as a video of Emmanuel Macron also announcing that they were bitten. was vaccinated. The video concludes with “France united against Covid-19” tricolor letters.

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