EM 2021: With the win over Belgium, Italy is finally the frontrunner
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With this win, Italy definitely became the frontrunner

Italy towers over mighty Belgians – the football scene is here in the video

Italy qualified for the semi-finals of the European Championship after a high-profile match against Belgium. After a two-goal lead, a controversial penalty kick put the Belgians back in play, but “Squadra Azzurra” managed to defend themselves. Highlights in the video.

Italy and Belgium present their best European Championship match so far. Compared to the lame round of 16 Germans, it sometimes seems like a different sport. After the landslide victory, Italy became the deserved winner and first favorite for the title.

Theorenzo Insigne put the ball in front of him again and raised his head after he was pulled from the left. The Italian hit the far corner and hit the ball exactly where he wanted it – into the Belgian goal. It was just one of many highlights of the best match so far in the European Championship, in which Italy won 2-1 and advanced to the semi-finals.

“We deserved to win. The guys were exceptional. We were really good and could have scored a few more goals,” said Italy coach Roberto Mancini.

Italy put in a superb performance against Belgium in a match worthy of the final. Mancini’s team went very fast for 90 minutes. Unlike Germany’s last-16 match against England, the two teams barely remained in the midfield. Crosses, which slow down the match and were seen in the ranks in Germany 0-2, were upset. The team will not win a game with a ball attached.

Belgium vs Italy - Euro 2020: Quarter-finals

Lorenzo Insigne shot Italy on the way to victory

Coyle: Getty Images/Matthias Hengst

Italy has always opted for the direct pass forward. Three, four connections – there was nothing in midfield for the Italians before they passed the ball to the top. Since the Belgians, who are ranked number one in the world rankings, walked at a similar pace and followed a similar playing philosophy, there were almost no breaks in the game.

Hab Finals vs Spain

After the sovereign preliminary round with three wins and the somewhat turbulent Round of 16 against Austria (3-1 after extra time), Italy, now undefeated in 32 matches, provided a real test of scoring against Belgium, making them the best. Preferred. In the semi-finals on Tuesday (9pm) will be waiting for Spain, who beat Switzerland in the quarter-finals on penalties.

Euro 2020 - Quarter-finals - Belgium vs Italy

Italian coach Roberto Mancini

Source: Pool via REUTERS

In all likelihood, Leonardo Spinazzola, who injured himself in a sprint in the second half without any influence from the opponent, will miss the match. The offensive left-back was one of the best Italians in the European Championship until then.

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After the switch, the Italians focused on what they’ve always been known for: defense. If they allow the technically strong Belgians to get chances again and again, they fall behind in the last minutes. The duo of seasoned central defenders Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci cleared it all.

“A defeat against a good team that hasn’t lost in ages. It’s really disappointing, but good opponents deserve to qualify,” said Belgium goalkeeper Thibalt Courtois.

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