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ei is Masoruti. Send as much meat as you can in a year


For a small amount, each Czech has the opportunity to eat as much meat as he can in a year. It follows from the data of two important Czech companies, the Czech Statistical Office and the status of health information and statistics.

His first study in 2019 found that while each SNR averaged 83.2 kilograms of meat, the species determined the average weight of Czech meat to be 83.6 kilograms.

As for the type of meat, most people do not engage in pork and gossip. The rest, i.e. one-tenth of the total consumption, mainly beef, is, according to you, fish, offal or offal.

In recent decades, the consumption of chicken meat has been growing exponentially, averaging 29 kilograms per year, which is five kilograms more than in 2010.

Consumption of other types of meat was the same as in the last decade, when it was 43 kg per head for pigs and 9.1 kg per head for beef.

On the most important meat trips in the world, all the countries oscillate around this city.

For example, in 2009 the United States led the United States with 120.2 kg, followed by Kuwait, Australia, the Bahamas, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Austria.

We have enough milk, sugar, beef and beer

The new S data focus on domestic production of meat, especially dominant pork, poultry and beef.

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Last year, the Czech Republic produced 454,846 tonnes, including 211,436 tonnes of pork, 170,725 tonnes of poultry and 72,518 tonnes of beef.

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Imports of these types from abroad are 417 thousand tons, including calls. In the case of pork and poultry, the Republic is not self-employed, with 43 percent in the first case and 63 percent in the second.

But beef is 100% and more productive. SOPSTAN We have long been in production of cereals, milk, beef, sugar and beer, HLS data last year. For a relatively long time, not one hundred percent, domestic production comes with cheese, cheese, apples and eggs.

Highest food consumption in history

When statisticians looked at total food consumption, they found that in 2019 it was the highest in recent years and especially in the history of the country.


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Total food consumption, including food losses and waste, reached 796.5 kg per person in 2019. Food losses and waste are estimated and in terms of consumption per aunt, this is the highest consumption since 1993.

Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is similar to that of the last ten years, with an average of about 172 liters of alcoholic beverages consumed by about two thousand cigarettes.


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