Easy to delete apps from iPhone

iOS 14 hands-on. (Photo: t3n)

Deleting apps on iPhone and iPad is faster than long pressing the app icon. We show how to do it.

Apple’s iOS and iPadOS are known to be full of partially hidden functions, of which we have brought a number of them for you. A practical feature not mentioned at the time is hidden in the App Store. Here you can literally delete apps in one swipe.

Delete apps from iPhone in one swipe – this is how it works

The swiping gesture is useful for cleaning your iPhone, among other things. (screenshot: t3n)

Sometimes it’s the little iOS features that take pleasure and show that Apple places great importance on details during development. One of them is the ability to remove apps from the App Store with a swipe gesture from the device. On the other hand, deleting apps from the home screen with a long press and multiple confirmation dialogs seems cumbersome. Especially since the home screen revision with widgets in iOS 14 and the app overview, the process of deleting via the home screen has become more complicated.

iOS 14 also brought a new delete option via the App Store. You can use it as follows: Open the App Store, go over your profile picture in the upper right corner to your account overview, where you can find an overview of the apps you have installed and start the manual update of the apps. You can also quickly delete the apps shown here: all you have to do is swipe left on the respective app, press the delete button that appears and confirm.

In this way, you can quickly get rid of all the unnecessary or rarely used applications. Thanks to Jelly to refer to this!

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