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DWD warns of heavy rains again

Of German Weather Service (DWD) Tuesday warns of more storms in southern Upper Bavaria and Algiers. Meteorologists announced in Munich on Tuesday morning that there would be afternoon and afternoon rain and occasional thundershowers in the south of the Danube. In the Alpine region, they expect more rain than in other parts of the independent state.

Up to 25 liters of rainfall per square meter in the southern edge of Bavaria is possible within an hour. Overall, it said the risk of heavy rain in Bavaria was declining compared to the previous day.

Updated from 08/31/2021: Floods in Upper Bavaria – Situation eases but new heavy rains are on the horizon

After heavy rains in northern Upper Bavaria, the situation eased overnight. On Tuesday (August 31, 2021) some police stations from the affected areas announced this. “Basically, the situation is very relaxed,” said a police spokesman in Torfen (Erding County).

Police did not record any major activity in the evening. Emergency services in Pfaffenhofen and Geisenfeld in Moosburg (Freising district) did not announce further operations overnight.

Flooding after heavy rains in Upper Bavaria: That’s the situation

On Monday, several cellars in Upper Bavaria were flooded and the streets were flooded. The city of Torfen even declared a catastrophe. In one district, about 250 people were forced to flee their homes. Flood Investigation Service and DWD Warning of continuous rain and flood.

The northern district of Friesing was particularly affected: in the municipality of Au in Der Hollarta, firefighters were evacuated more than 50 times by Monday afternoon, a spokesman said. Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm district was also flooded. In the afternoon, district officials in Freezing and Buffenhofen reported that the situation had eased.

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Of German Weather Service (DWD) Tuesday warns again of continuous rain, but districts like Freezing or Earthing north of Munich will not be affected. Areas along the edge of the Alps – from Perketskardner land to Alku – are at risk of flooding or landslides.

Original news from August 31, 2021: Disaster announced – floods in parts of Upper Bavaria

After heavy rains on Monday (August 30, 2021), many cellars in northern Bavaria were flooded and the streets were flooded. Even in the city of Torfen (Erding District) Disaster Called. In the Oberdorf district, about 250 people were forced to flee their homes, the city said. The victims were found in the gym. Firefighters with 600 emergency services are on hand to pump out empty cellars and clear flooded streets. About 2300 sandbags were filled to protect the village.

The district administration clarified that the evacuation of Torfen was also carried out as a precaution. “But we want to make sure Germany’s recent events show that,” said Martin Bairstorfer (CSU), district administrator. In addition, the northern district of Friesing was particularly affected by the floods. In the municipality of Au in Der Hollarta alone, firefighters stopped more than 50 operations by Monday afternoon, a spokesman said. “In some basements the water was up to two meters high,” a spokesman said. Among other things, several streets were flooded after Abens flooded its banks. Initially there were no reports of injuries.

In the neighboring district of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, heavy rains caused flooding. According to the district office, the municipality of Wolfsburg was particularly affected by the floods. After 60 liters of rain per square meter, many cellars were filled at night, the district office said. Many fire departments are in use. “We’re still running high in Wolnsock because we can’t take in soil enrichment and too much water,” said Matthias Grenoir, of the Disaster Management Department at the district office.

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The Therme earthing According to a spokesman, after the basement of the building was flooded, about 400 guests of the attached hotel had to stay at other establishments. As a result, there was a power outage, and a spokesman said the hot tub wave pool was no longer working. It was not initially clear how long it would take to repair. Police also reported several storm-related activities in the area on Monday. Among other things, a police spokesman said Autobahn 94 was completely shut down after a landslide between Langdorf (Erding District) and Torfen. The cleaning dragged on for several hours until the afternoon.

Freezing and Pfaffenhofen district administrators announced a gradual easing of the situation at the site after the Ilm and Abens rivers reached the highest flood warning level four of measurements in Geesenfeld and Mainburg on Monday afternoon. Gelheim, a nearby Lower Bavarian district, continued to warn of the flooding of the tertiary report. In southern Upper Bavaria, the Flood Intelligence Service and the German Meteorological Agency (DWD) warned of heavy rains and flooding. Especially in Simka, up to 80 liters of rain per square meter is possible till Tuesday evening.The DWD announced on Monday. The meteorological service warned of possible flooding of streams and small rivers and flooding of streets on Monday after measuring approximately the same amount in some parts of the region since Saturday morning. Landslides can also occur.

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