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to: Christopher Somerfield

Bad Nauheim forward Robin van Kallster (left) maintains his strength against Towerstars defender Paul Dronia. © Kim Enderle

In the first match in Ravensburg, EC Bad Nauheim could not be stopped by a 1:4 margin nor by the eighth player out. The comeback succeeded without Taylor Beat. 5:4 after extra time.

Ravensburg / Bad Nauheim – Superlatives are slowly running out for EC Bad Nauheim. After winning Tuesday’s semi-final in Kassel, Harry Lange’s side followed up with a 5-4 victory over the Ravensburg Tower Stars on Thursday. The Red Devils led 1-0 in the DEL 2 semi-final and could do better at home on Saturday. The Corstadt team not only turned its deficit spectacularly to 1:4, but also made up for the loss of eight players. Taylor Vause cannot be used after the first third break due to injury. “We have always believed in him. We have the will and passion this season.”

Ravensburger’s squad, which was almost a full squad, pressed early. Be it Paul Dronia (2nd / at close range), Alexandre Dosch (5th / in two-on-one), Luis Lata (ninth / misses the disc correctly), Vincennes Meyer (11 / skewed) or Dosch again (13./ Directly in front of Felix Beck) – soon hit a goal for the hosts in the air. Then Jordan Hickmott and Dennis Puffingot had to sit on the bench. In a four-way match, EC player Mick Köhler lost the disc to Julian Eichinger. On the counterattack, the Ravensburger put on Josh MacDonald, who gave Beck no chance and topped the Tower Stars (16th place). At 2:0 Fortuna was in the match. The UEFA goalkeeper wanted to block Mayer’s less dangerous shot with his racket, but unfortunately veered so much that the puck jumped into the goal (17). Meanwhile, the demons had yet to emit any real danger. Only Mark El Sayed appeared early (2) against Jonas Langmann.

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EC Bad Nauheim: Kevin Schmidt with a decisive goal in Ravensburg

In the second section, the European Commission initially did not allow this much. And in the foreground, the bathing townspeople took their chance. Jerry Polastron saw that Langman had left the long angle too wide – 1: 2 (27). A little later, the man from Nauheim appeared in public before the case of Towerstars (the twenty-ninth). However, the guests were not able to put a permanent pressure on them. Nick Latta came to the goal after winning a showdown and reclaiming the old gap (33). When Kevin Schmidt didn’t expect a pass, Georgi Sakian also hit the near corner and went up to 4:1 (37).

The third section concerns demons. Outnumbered, at first they reached 2:4 (51st place) by Stefan Reiter, who played for free in the second post. Then the unenthusiastic Toby Worley threw all his experience into the balance and took a shot from the left-hand side (53.). It was Wörle again who, two minutes later – the referees had already announced the next Towerstars penalty – sent Blueliner on his way, which sailed friend and foe into goal. The bewildered Ravensburgers had finished the game too soon. Kevin Schmidt’s shot into the top corner in the fifth minute of extra time was the magic touch on the cake.

Ravensburg: Langmann – Dronia, Petor, Ischinger, Pfavingut, Szemsky, Ketterer, Duch Hare, Sarult, Sackian, Kzernik, Zucker, Meyer, N. Lata, Dietz, McDonald, Hluzik, Hessler, El Lata.

Bad Neuheim: Beck-Seck, K. Schmidt, Stefan, M. Kohler, Dobrisken, Hafnrichter – Polastron, Heckmott, Van Kallster, Keck, Voss, Wehrl, Reiter, Mr., Hermann, L. Kohler, Schefferin.

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Steno / SR: Kannengiesser / Schutz. – Zu: 1915. – Goals: 1: 0 (16) MacDonald (Eichinger), 2: 0 (17) Mayer (Zucker), 2: 1 (27) Polastron (Stefan, Van Calester), 3: 1 (33) .) N. Latta (MacDonald, Dietz), 4: 1 (37.) Saakyan (Sarault, Herr), 4: 2 (51.) Reiter (Wörle, Sekesi – PP1), 4: 3 (53.) Wörle ( Sekesi, Reiter – PP1), 4: 4 (55) Wörle (M. Köhler), 4: 5 (65) K. Schmidt (Wörle, M. Köhler) – Penalties: 10:8 min.


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