Home Top News Double victory in the final: Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal

Double victory in the final: Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal

Double victory in the final: Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal

Double win in the final stage
Cristiano Ronaldo hold door-record

Cristiano Ronaldo is very happy: in the match against Ireland, he saved the victory with his double goal and set a new world record for international goals. The French, on the other hand, faced an obstacle. Also in the Austrian game, a drone caused a stir.

Striker Cristiano Ronaldo has broken another record and is now the most dangerous national footballer in history. The Portuguese beat their country twice in a 2-1 (0-1) match against Ireland in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Ronaldo, who went to Manchester United with 111 international goals, dropped Iranian Ali Dai (109 goals / 149 games). Ronaldo has now played in 180 games for Portugal.

“I am very happy. Not only did I break the record, but also because of the special moment we got,” Ronaldo told Irish TV broadcaster RTE. The two goals at the end of the game are very special. He appreciates what the team has done, Ronaldo said. “We trusted ourselves to the end.” “Not only have you become a national hero, you have become an international symbol and role model for players around the world. From the association.

Drone over the stadium

The Austrian national team’s World Cup qualifier in the Republic of Moldova started half an hour late. Reason: A drone hovered over Soccer Stadium. English referee Paul Dearney sent both teams back to the dressing room in Chisinau 15 minutes after the start of the game. The start at Jimbru Stadium was finally about 30 minutes late — Austria won 2-0. Hoffenheim’s Christoph Bamkardner (45th) and former Bremen’s Marco Arnadovic scored at stoppage time (94th).

Due to Norwegian star striker Erling Holland from Borussia Dortmund, Louis van Gaal missed a win when he returned to coach the Netherlands. Holland took an interim lead of 1: 1 (1: 1) (20th). Davey Klaassen Pondskosch Van saved a point (36th) in the morning. With Turkey playing 2-2 (2-1) against Montenegro, the Turks continue to lead Group G with eight points. The Netherlands, Montenegro and Norway follow with seven points each. Latvia beat Gibraltar 2-1 (0-0).

The French encountered a dilemma. Against Bosnia-Herzegovina they should be high with 1: 1 (1: 1). Nevertheless, “ipe quibe tricolor” is still on top. Denmark continues to be harmless. 1992 European Champions win 2-0 (2-0) against Scotland. Israel is trailing 4-0 (2-0) in the Faroe Islands. In Group H, Croatia and Russia are the top two. No goals in direct combat. Subsequent Slovenia and Slovakia were also tied at 1-1.

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