Home Top News Donald Trump has conceded defeat in the tax documents dispute

Donald Trump has conceded defeat in the tax documents dispute

Donald Trump has conceded defeat in the tax documents dispute

Updated Dec 16, 2021 at 8:28 a.m.

  • Donald Trump has been defeated in a row over the surrender of his tax documents.
  • The responsible federal judge dismissed the former US president’s lawsuit against the release of the documents on Tuesday (local time).
  • The verdict is not final yet.

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Former President of the United States Donald Trump He was defeated in a legal dispute over turning over his tax documents to a House committee. Responsible federal judge Trevor McFadden dismissed Trump’s lawsuit against releasing the documents on Tuesday (local time). In a 45-page ruling, the judge wrote that former presidents are not exempt from congressional investigations. Several US media outlets unanimously reported that the ruling was not yet final because the judge had given Trump ten days to appeal.

Joe Biden, the Treasury Department, Trump’s successor, instructed the IRS in July to turn over the file to the committee. Contrary to political conventions in the United States, real estate entrepreneur Trump has not made his tax return public either as a presidential candidate or after his transition to the White House. So critics speculate that he has something to hide.

Is there a trial coming? Trump is under pressure in New York too

Trump also opposed the release before the New York attorney general who is investigating him. In the case, the Republican went to the Supreme Court in Washington, but lost there. The Prosecutor’s Office has now received the documents, but no details should be revealed – unless there is a trial.

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It would be more sensitive for Trump to hand it to Congress: There, the group of people with somewhat greater access rights, and under certain circumstances, details could be released regularly during the commission’s investigation. In addition, confidential information is frequently leaked from Parliament. (dpa/mgb)


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