Home Top News Donald Trump blames tax violations — at the same time as investigations are underway

Donald Trump blames tax violations — at the same time as investigations are underway

Donald Trump blames tax violations — at the same time as investigations are underway

Investigations are underway in the United States against Donald Trump. In New York, the Trump Organization has been accused of tax crimes – the former US president is cynical.

Sarasota, Florida – Donald Trump remains the policy-making champion of Republicans. He does not need a party office for this. As all current polls show, the Republican base and voters pretty much want to come at the head of the movement, who was supposedly cheated in his re-election.

So Donald Trump, who couldn’t show his career at the “big old party” before winning the primaries after the primaries. Who was mocked and ridiculed as a clown before submitting de facto to the party. Trump on stage in Sarasota, in the Sunshine State, Florida. He has a lot to say that evening.

On the occasion of American Independence Day, he swears by his fans “Our America” ​​for about 90 minutes. Trump has a grudge this evening with the usual suspects. Barack Obama gets fat just like Mitch McConnell. Since his criticism of Trump’s reaction to the storming of the Capitol, the Senate Republican leader has been persona non grata in the Make America Great Again (MAGA) world.

Donald Trump Puts Tax Crimes Right, Prosecutors Investigate

But even more surprising than playing these evergreen games is the clip in which Donald Trump casts a contemptuous spell on the New York state attorney general. Trump comments on the investigation against his organization by comparing: “The [Staatsanwälte in New York] Persecute the good people who work hard for not paying taxes on the company car.”

Donald Trump is back on tour.

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Then follow a few sentences in a row. They literally read: “You didn’t pay any taxes on this company’s car. Or a company apartment. You used the apartment because you needed it. Because you had to travel very far from where your home is. You didn’t pay any taxes. Or money for your grandchildren’s education. I don’t know Even.” Trump then asks his audience, “Do any of you have an answer to these things?”

American media has since debated whether Donald Trump can try to put his tax crimes into perspective with these words. Manhattan prosecutors filed 15 charges against the Trump Organization on Thursday (July 1, 2021). Law enforcement is trying to prove that Trump CFO Weiselberg received a total of $1.7 million in commission to manipulate the Trump Organization’s tax bill. Weißelberg rejects this accusation.

Donald Trump M and Campphodus: ‘We’ll Make America Great Again’

At the end of the rally, Donald Trump turned to pity: “We will never give up. Our movement is not yet over. In fact, it has just begun.” His plea: “We are a movement, a family and a wonderful nation.”

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With the last words in his speech, Donald Trump sparked speculation that he might make another bid for the White House in 2024. To thunderous applause from his fans, the leader of the Magda movement promised: “We’ll make America strong again. We’ll make America rich again. We’ll make America strong again.” Another. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again.” In choir with his fans, he shouted: “We will make America great again.” (Mirko Schmid)

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