Home entertainment Dome display: “The Bachelor” distributed the last rose

Dome display: “The Bachelor” distributed the last rose

Dome display: “The Bachelor” distributed the last rose

Anna Russo is happy about the final rose from RTL Dominic Stockmann’s “The Bachelor”. The runner wears it softly. After the show, the question follows from all the questions: Are the two still married?

BSCDominic Stockmann (30) distributed his last rose at the dome show of the same name. The decisive flower finally entered, which was already live on the streaming service Wednesday night RTL+ Seen on candidate Anna Russo (33).

The epilogue won’t air until next week on RTL on Free TV.

Maid of runner-up Jana Maria Hurts (29 years old) went empty-handed – and said softly: “It was great with you,” she said. Only later in the car did she say she felt a bit “cheated”.

Her relatively restrained reaction may surprise some viewers after she drew attention to herself with some scenes of jealousy during the season. “Then why did you say on your last date that you like me?” Then she wanted to know.

“My feelings for Anna are stronger.”

The Bachelor’s answer was almost standard in the form that’s been going on for years: “I fell in love with you, but my feelings for Anna are stronger.”

And so Anna and he lay in each other’s arms under fireworks shortly thereafter. According to their own statements, they are still together, as they told broker Frauke Ludowig after the end. They are even in the process of creating an apartment together. It actually works really well,” Anna said in a couple video shown by RTL+ after the end. “You don’t bother me spending too much time together.”

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Loser Jana Maria also said she reacted quickly to The Bachelor’s decision: “I fall in love very quickly, but I also fall in love very quickly.” After a few days everything was back fine.


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