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Does a cell phone increase the risk?

Does a cell phone increase the risk?

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    Alzheimer’s disease is progressing rapidly worldwide: 49 million people were infected in 2015, and 75 million are expected to be infected by 2030. Today, one study is causing problems by linking smartphones and other Wi-Fi networks to an early risk of the disease. the disease.

    That is the question asked by Martin L. Ball, professor of biochemistry and medicine at Washington State University. The results of his study were published March 11 in the journal Current Alzheimer Research.

    Increased intracellular calcium in question

    One of the factors that characterizes Alzheimer’s disease is the accumulation of calcium in cells. According to the results of this study on mice, exposure to electromagnetic fields generates an increase in calcium levels in neurons. The mechanism involved is the activation of pumps located in the walls of neurons, called voltage-gated calcium channels. They are activated by magnetic fields and cause an increase in calcium in neurons.

    An increase in beta-amyloid protein as a result

    An increase in calcium subsequently leads to an increase in amyloid precursors, called BACE1, and beta-amyloid peptide pools, two factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease. “Electromagnetic fields work through electric ripples and magnetic forces that vary over time on the nanosecond scalee,” Martin Ball explains.Each of these can produce the ultimate nightmare, very early Alzheimer’s disease.“.

    In arriving at these conclusions, the author also noted that “People who were exposed to these electromagnetic fields while working had a higher rate of Alzheimer’s disease.”.

    More studies still need to be done

    When asked about this question, Dr. Christoph de Jaeger, physiologist and member of the Doctissimo Expert Committee, remembers first of all “Alzheimer’s disease remains mainly a dementia of the elderly and cases are increasing due to an aging population.” However, he emphasizes that “although the physiology of rats and humans is different, this study highlights a pathway that needs to be explored further to see if the fields can Electromagnetic have such an effect on health or not. cognition in humans.

    Martin L. Ball concludes his work by saying:The results of each of these studies should be shared with the general public so that everyone can take steps to reduce the incidence of early forms of Alzheimer’s disease.”.

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