Home Top News Disaster for Donald Trump – The recount brings enormous costs and irreparable damage

Disaster for Donald Trump – The recount brings enormous costs and irreparable damage

Disaster for Donald Trump – The recount brings enormous costs and irreparable damage
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The controversial review of ballot papers in the United States initiated by Donald Trump is still ongoing. In Arizona, this can be very expensive.

PHOENIX / WASHINGTON, DC – It has been nearly six months since the 2020 US elections. The electoral defeat worries Republicans for the former US president Donald Trump Still for frustration. They suspected electoral fraud several times, and refused to accept the result. The party counted the ballot papers several times: this is what happened in the southwestern US state of Arizona.

More than two million ballot papers as well as voting machines and hard disks were scanned within a very short period of time. The investigation decision was made by the Arizona Senate, with Republicans receiving a 16:14 majority. A private company called “Cyber ​​Ninjas” has been commissioned. But this counting saga initiated by Donald Trump may now cost the country dearly.

US Election 2020: Donald Trump’s mixing up of the count caused huge costs

As reported by US news portal Rawstory.com, voting machines are now unusable for future elections after a lengthy counting process in Arizona. Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs wrote a letter to Maricopa County in Phoenix, the state’s most populous region, saying that new voting machines should be purchased.

It also stated that all voting machines that were given to the Republican investigations must be replaced. Specifically, the letter addressed “serious safety concerns about these machines.” The reason: The security chain, an important security measure in US elections, is said to have been compromised when the machines were in the hands of Cyber ​​Ninjas. “Election officials don’t know what has been done with the machines,” Hobbes said.

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The Washington Post reports that it will cost several million US dollars to purchase new voting machines in Maricopa County. Not wanting to make such a costly decision so easily, Hobbes sought an expert opinion. According to her own statements, the Secretary of State has consulted with departments concerned with cybersecurity in the Department of Homeland Security, the US Department of Homeland Security. There, too, it is said that a unanimous recommendation has been made not to use the devices in future elections.

A Scene That Harms Us All: Donald Trump’s investigation into the US election is far from over

In the 2020 US election, the incumbent US president was the same Joe Biden He narrowly prevailed against former President Donald Trump in Maricopa County. Democrats and their candidate, Mark Kelly, also won the region’s Senate elections. After losing the election, Republicans in many parts of the United States had doubts about the legal number. This was followed by a large-scale review of the elections, but no evidence of fraud was presented. Also in Maricopa County, no discrepancies were found in two of the investigation procedures.

According to what was reported by the Washington Post, the “Cyber ​​Ninja” company not only dealt with voting machines, but also devoted itself to renewing the manual vote count. Accordingly, this has yet to be finalized. It is said that even UV light and microscopes have been used. The Republican leadership in Maricopa County recently described the investigation process as “a spectacle that harms us all”. This would encourage citizens to distrust the elections. This was said to weaken the democratic republic. In any case, Republicans in Arizona fear for their party’s future – also because of Donald Trump. (Yanik Little)

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