Derailed circadian rhythm promotes cancer exercise and healing

Derailed circadian rhythm promotes cancer exercise and healing

When the biological clock is out of control

Many processes in our bodies, such as metabolism, are associated withbiological clock“Beside. so called circadian rhythm It works in harmony with the natural day-night cycle. According to a recent study, it appears that disruptions in this process tumor growth Favor.

searching Wilmot Cancer Institute University of Rochester and Scripps Research Institute In California (USA) you have an important relationship between turbulent circadian rhythms and the lung tumor growth Discover. The results were recently published in the famous journal “science progress” Foot.

The internal clock regulates the sleep-wake cycle

Circadian rhythm or “circadian clock” is an essential mechanism in the body sleep-wake cycle Organize. There are many cells in an organism in this internal clock alignment.

Circadian rhythm influences disease

It has been suggested in previous studies that diseases are preferred when disturbances in this rhythm occur. For example, it turns out that a file The composition of fat depends on the internal clock he or the Asthma severity is affected by the biological clock Become.

The lungs are closely related to the internal clock

The latest research results now show for the first time that the disruption of the body clock The gene is called HSF1 . Affected, he is in Lung tumor development involved.

as contact with asthma He showed that the lungs are specifically dependent on the circadian rhythm. Disruptions in this system seem to be particularly pronounced in the lungs.

Genetic changes in internal clock disorders

The working group was able to document that the file unbalanced circadian rhythm with HSF1 إشارات Signals Altered comes with. This previously unknown mechanism appears to play a role in the formation of Lung Cancer to play.

At the same time, the discovery is new Possible attack point To treat lung cancer.

Although the study was conducted on mice, the scientists involved stress that there is plenty of evidence from other studies linking circadian rhythm disruption with The development of tumors in humans keep in touch.

Everything is pointing in the same direction.”The study co-author confirms Dr. Brian Altman vom University of Rochester Medical Center.

Why good sleep is so important to health

According to him, the results can be especially relevant for people who are Irregular bedtimes Affected by, for example, under Sleep disorders suffer or in night shifts work.

The study provides further evidence for this Comfortable sleeping It makes an essential contribution to maintaining our health. Learn more about the causes of insomnia too Tips to improve sleep quality It can be found in the article “Sleep problems – causes, symptoms and treatment(FB)

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