Dengue fever in Reunion Island: 994 new cases in one week
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From 29 March to 4 April, 994 cases of dengue fever were confirmed. The spread of the virus continues to increase with monitoring indicators (confirmed cases, emergency room visits, weekly hospitalizations) on the increase in reunification.

Cases have been reported in all municipalities of the island. The epidemic is spreading throughout the territory: the western sector remains the most affected (78% of cases), and clusters of cases are observed in other municipalities in the south (Saint Joseph) and in the north (Saint Joseph). Denise) basically.

Since the first symptoms appeared, several cases have reported a sudden and sometimes severe decrease in vision. To prevent severe forms of the disease, it is essential to consult a doctor in case of fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.

A case of dengue fever on April 14, 2021

(Data from the French Public Health Unit for the Region, ARS)

In the West, the number of reported cases for the port appears to be stabilizing (40% of cases reported in the West). The number of cases continues to increase in Saint-Paul (18% of cases identified in the West) and in La Possession (various regions).

In the south, the situation in San Joseph stabilized again.

In the north, in Saint-Denis, outbreaks of dengue fever were highlighted in Brittany and Saint-Clotilde.

Dengue fever groups

In addition, clusters of cases (dengue outbreaks) have been identified in the following neighborhoods:

Western Region

Port (Cité Parny, Manes, Satec, SIDR Basse, SIDR Haute, Ariste Bolon, Exhaustion, Saint Ange d’Oxile, Old town, Say, Swimming pool, Magellan, Zac1, Orée du Bois, ZUP 1, Cœur bleeding Haut, bleeding Lower Heart, Rivière des Galets, ZAC Rivière des Galets)

La Possession (Moulin Jolie, Halti-La, Saint-Therese, Cape Noire, Pechette, La Palmeraie, Camp Maglouire, Ravine a Malluire, Le Feng Sebyteam)

Saint Paul (La Plaine, Jacot, Bauderre, Gare Rotiere, La Bay, Belmine, Monte Roqueau, Tru-Doux, La Saline-les-Bains, Lotsiment Bellevue, Florimon, Lotsiment Gayet, Hermitage Les Hauts, Plateau Caillou)

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Southern area

Saint-Joseph (Les Jacques, La Cayenne, Le Butor, Le Goyave, Langevin, Matouta Line)

The Etang Salé (Etang Salé les Bains)

Saint-Pierre (Saint-Celine, Conde, Grand-Bois)

The northern area

Saint-Denis (Brittany (lower part), Saint-Clotilde, City Michel Debre, Château Morang, La Montagne (Piton Tresor))

Recommendations to fight dengue fever

Protect yourself and those around you from mosquito bites, including during the seven days after symptoms appear:

o Use of insect repellant,

o Installing mosquito nets,

o Wearing long clothes,

o Use of dispensers.

Continue to protect yourself, even if you previously had dengue fever; Several dengue serotypes can spread and do not protect infection with one serotype from an attack by another serotype.

Get rid of breeding grounds: Empty anything that may have water around your home, check gutters, etc.

Consult the doctor if symptoms appear (fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.) and take the sample in a medical laboratory prescribed by your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.

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