Home Top News Dante Wright dies by police: Minnesota teams cancel games

Dante Wright dies by police: Minnesota teams cancel games

Dante Wright dies by police: Minnesota teams cancel games

Minneapolis / Munich – The Minnesota Twins (MLP), Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA) and Minnesota Wild (NHL) canceled their games on Monday.

Trigger Sunday is the death of 20-year-old Dante Wright. A young man is shot dead by a police officer on the outskirts of Minneapolis.

Authorities tried to arrest Wright as an arrest warrant was pending. According to the police chief, an officer wanted to use a stun gun, but instead shot Wright in the chest with a shotgun. The officer in question has been granted leave for the time being.

“Baseball is not important today”

As a result, the duo initially canceled the game against the Boston Red Sox. “Based on what has happened in the last 24 hours and the information we have now, a baseball game feels very unimportant today,” said duo captain Dave St. Peter.

Timberwolves general manager Gerson Rosas described Wright’s death as a “disaster” and said the cancellation of the game against the Brooklyn Nets was “the best decision”. “It could have been one of us, our players or our training team. There was a loss of life last night, something that affects all of us,” Rosas said.

Greg Popovich: “We continue as if nothing happened”

Wilde canceled their game “out of respect for the heartbreaking incident”. NBA coaches Doug Rivers and Greg Popovich commented on the Minneapolis incident.

Wright’s death was “disgusting to all African-Americans,” Rivers said. Popovich said, “He is dead and his family and friends are mourning. We continue as if nothing happened.”

In May of last year, George Floyd’s violent death of a police officer canceled all sporting events in the United States.

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