Czech Republic: a tree crashes into a car - two dead, two children survived in the back seat

A falling tree killed two people in their car in the Czech Republic. Two strange children sat in the back seat and survived the injury.

Basic – During a storm, in Czech Republic Two people were killed when a tree fell on their car.

According to the police, the driver of the car did not have the opportunity to respond in time. (icon image) © Carsten Rehder / dpa

The driver said he didn’t have a chance to respond in time police Thursday evening with.

Two children were injured in the back seat and taken to hospital.

till then incident She came near the southern Bohemian town of Besek, 90 kilometers south of Prague.

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Czech Republic
Near the border of Saxony: explosion at a Czech factory – four injured!

According to the police, the dead were strangers who offered to take the children home during the storm. The parents who continued to walk were unharmed.

And in the southwest of the country, firefighting teams went out on dozens of missions in the evening to remove fallen trees from the streets and empty basements that had filled with rainwater.

Operations on several railways had to be interrupted. The Government Meteorological Authority warned of thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Just two weeks ago, a tornado in the southeastern Czech Republic killed six people, injured hundreds and damaged nearly 1,200 homes.

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