Crazy modders bring cult windows to console

Crazy modders bring cult windows to console
Xbox Series S console.
Windows 98 can also be emulated on Xbox. (Image source: Giga)

Diligent mods were able to emulate Windows 98 on Xbox Series X and S. This allows classics like Quake, Half-Life, and RollerCoaster Tycoon to play on existing Microsoft consoles. And of course painter and word 97 can also be used.

Xbox Xbox X

Xbox Series X runs on Windows 98

Even Microsoft would not have dreamed of it: depositors managed to do it indirectly, Emulating Windows 98 on Xbox Series X.. The old OS can also be used on the Xbox Series S and still looks good on the less powerful console.

With Windows 98 Paving the way for many old classics Like Quake or Half-Life, which can run on new Microsoft consoles. Even older apps like Word 97 or Paint can be used on Xbox.

However, the path to Windows 98 running on Xbox is a bit boring. first it Open Source – RetroArch Emulator It installs, which some users will actually fail because developer mode must be turned on on Xbox for this. Microsoft charges $19 for the Xbox Series X and S unless they are otherwise activated through a tricky sideloading process.

After installing RetroArch follows DOSBox Pure as an intermediate step (Those: Digital Foundry on YouTube). Then the path is finally clear for Windows 98 as a disk image. Games and other apps can then be started on the Xbox Series X and S.

All steps are shown in the video:

Xbox: Old Windows games run smoothly

Even on Xbox Series S, games actually work Amazingly smoothIt’s even better on the Xbox Series X. However, consoles are less able to handle 3DFX simulation than software rendering. There is also a rather annoying limitation, because DOSBox Pure recognizes consoles connected to the Xbox, but unfortunately there are no mice.


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