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HomescienceCovid-19: the reasons for the revival of the epidemic

Covid-19: the reasons for the revival of the epidemic


Covid-19: the reasons for the revival of the epidemic
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Prabonod, M. Hovel, in Lachoud – France 2

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On Monday, March 21, France is experiencing a recovery from the fifth pandemic wave. pollutions in cOvid -19 It has been increasing since the beginning of March. How do we explain it?

With the good weather coming, everyone was hoping for the departure cOvid -19But on the contrary, France is experiencing a recovery in the epidemic. In one pharmacy, on Monday, March 21, about 100 tests were done against about two dozen before rebounding. Currently, there are approximately 83,000 daily cases, which is a +36.4% increase in seven days.

The relaxation of the septum crumbs will be the reason. But there will also be a new sub-variable. Omicron is subject to mutations. According to Olivier Schwartz, Director of the Virology and Immunology Unit at the Institut Pasteur, The The virus will be close to the Omicron variant, and it will be the Omicron variant BA2. It’s 30% more portable”He says. Hospital admissions are coming back, but the Scientific Board is not alarming. At the moment, the number of seriously ill patients is not increasing.

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