COVID-19: Masks will not be mandatory in school yards from Thursday

Children are also affected by the end of wearing masks outdoors. From this Thursday, schoolchildren will also be able to remove it in the schoolyard. The government lifted this obligation after a positive opinion from the Supreme Council of Public Health. However, the mask should be kept in the classroom, we’re told.

Earlier in the day, Jean Castex took the floor to announce, among other things, the end of mask-wearing in public. “The health situation in our country is improving faster than we had hoped,” he said at first.

Fear of gatherings

But the prime minister also mentioned several cases that were exceptions, including stadiums. Citing a source in Matignon, BFMTV has ensured that mask-wearing in stadiums is maintained, particularly due to the gatherings, contacts, and mixing that takes place there. “It remains mandatory in school yards for children over 6 years old because there are always cases of regrouping and proximity,” also identified on the Matignon side, according to the Franceinfo.

The French will have to hide their faces every time we “regroup”. This would be the case, for example, every time we find ourselves in a queue, in the stadium, at a concert. But also when using public transport. In general, the mask must be worn in all enclosed public places, such as shops.

The Huffington Post He points out that many experts agree on the fact that an outdoor mask is “not of great importance” to effectively combating the virus, according to epidemiologist Antoine Flaholt, while insisting on the importance of respecting gestures for basic barriers, such as washing hands or staying away.

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