Hinge. Cold apartment apartments and green water in Cleaner Kiel: A pipe exploded in a major district heating pipe Sunday morning in the inner city of Kiel. The public utility company tweeted that “there may be temporary heat restrictions on the entire distribution area due to the pipe burst”. Due to a district heating water leak, the nearby water, including the clean hinge, was green.

Opposite “Keeler Nagrikton” (KN) Stadtwerke spokeswoman Sönke Schuster apologized for the inconvenience to all affected: “Our technicians are on site and working under high pressure to restore supply.” The forecast for when district heating will resume has not yet been made.

Leak repair work is in full swing, said Zonke Schuster, a public utility spokesman for the German news agency. When district heating will be available everywhere again, however, it is not yet possible to predict. Schuster pointed out that the green dye in the district heating water is harmless to the environment and health. It is added to the district heating water to quickly detect leaks.

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