Mainz (ots) – Amazon holds your breath. The third most valuable company in the world
The world is ranked second in terms of sales and employs 1.3 people around the world
Millions of people. Online retail group and founder Jeff Bezos
It’s a huge success story, as one naturally likes to emphasize
The company is constantly creating new jobs. 3000 new job opportunities
That will be created in Germany by 2022 is undoubtedly £.
However, the boom also has its downsides. retail volume
Limited. This means: almost every euro that Amazon converts more in this country,
It was lost to another trader. The dominance of the American group is increasing
Diversity in retail is dwindling. Which will harm consumers sooner or later.
In some cases, working conditions also leave something to be desired. Amazon leads
A detailed campaign to polish his image as an employer. can
But don’t hide the fact, especially with many package delivery companies
The group is a mess and needs improvement ASAP.

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