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Complete “Helping Hand” (Iki Island)

Complete “Helping Hand” (Iki Island)

“Helping Hand” is a side quest on Iki Island in the story of the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. In it, you are supposed to help a citizen build a new house because his old house was destroyed by the Mughals. We will guide you through the entire task and show you all the citizen sites on the Iki.

Ghost of Tsushima

Start “Helping Hand” (Iki Island)

This side quest is not marked on the map and you have to find it yourself. To do this, go to the northeast of Iki. Just north at Tatsu’s staircase, you’ll meet a non-playable character squatting among the felled trees.

The starting point for the side quest "Helping hand" (Ghost Cut Out Tsushima).
The starting point for the side quest “A Helping Hand” (Tsushima exit ghost clipping).

Talk to the citizen and he will tell you that his house was burnt by the Mughals and now he wants to build a new one. However, he lacks building materials, so give him 3 units of wood during the conversation so the job can go on.

The construction site for your new home will then be marked northwest and south in the woods of the cunning hunter. Once there, you can find a slider with more information. In order to complete the Helping Hand, however, you have to meet the citizen again at other locations on the Iki in the game’s additional path and give him more building materials.

You can watch the complete solution “Helping Hand” on all citizen websites in the following video:

Citizen #1 site (give 6 skins)

Once again you can be a citizen In the meadow directly on the west coast of Lake Nagata in the southwest of Iki. Talk to him and give him during the course 6x trapTo continue supporting him in building his house.

Citizen site near Lake Nagata (Ghost of Tsushima).
Citizen site near Lake Nagata (Ghost of Tsushima).

continue To the beach on the north coast west of Yahata Lighthouse. Here the citizen is looking for minerals when the ship sank. Help him out one last time and give him 10x metal

Citizen location near Yahata Lighthouse (Ghost of Tsushima).
Citizen location near Yahata Lighthouse (Ghost of Tsushima).

Complete “Helping Hand”

Now head back to the ‘Helping Hand’ search sign further south into the hunter’s jungle. There you will meet the citizen for the last time, as he proudly presents you with his new home, which he was able to build with your help.

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After the conversation, Tsuhima’s story ends and you get like Reward or reward Iron handle spell. This never makes you shiver or force you to fire a bullet when shooting with a bow.

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