Cold from less heating: Diseases can get worse

Cold from less heating: Diseases can get worse
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Although less heating is supposed to help save energy in the future, symptoms of some diseases can be exacerbated at lower temperatures.

According to the federal government, some regulations to “secure energy supplies” have been in place in Germany since September 1. These state, among other things, that tenants may turn off the heating or turn it off completely, contrary to the clause in the rental agreement. According to the clause, the tenants generally undertake to the owners to ensure a certain minimum temperature in the rented rooms by means of heating. This prevents potential mold growth on the walls. In order to be able to save energy and challenge gas prices, this unusual regulation may seem reasonable to some at first. However, for people with certain medical conditions such as Neurodermatitis And the arthritis Cooler rooms can mean worsening symptoms.

Cold from less heating: Three diseases that can make you worse

A man scratches his neck.
People with chronic skin conditions such as neurodermatitis can react to temperature fluctuations as their symptoms worsen. (Iconic image) © Andriy Popov / Imago

Although energy-saving measures may make sense from a political point of view, a decrease in room temperature can affect health or symptoms of existing diseases. According to Professor Heinz-Jorn Moresky, Director of the Federal Environment Agency, you can Less heating in apartmentsThat goes down to 19 degrees or less, but 20 degrees is better. Das quotes: “Inside, 20 to 22 degrees is optimal for well-being and ultimately also for health” Germany Editorial Network Professor Moresky.

With some illnesses, existing symptoms can be exacerbated by cold or extremely cold room temperatures, so sufferers have to weigh how much less heating makes sense for them. Moreover For children and the elderly, you should pay attention to a certain room temperature will.

Osteoporosis: cold and freezing have an effect

People with osteoporosis Complains of joint pain, eg in the hips or knees, due to wear and tear. Any movement increases symptoms. At lower temperatures, the muscles contract. This puts pressure on the joints, causing them to swell and injure even more, as well Online Doctor Describe.

Neurodermatitis: Cold makes the skin drier

In the cold, human skin produces less sebum than it does at normal and elevated temperatures. This increases the risk of dehydration, so people with Chronic neurodermatitis suffer from it.

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Asthma: cold air goes into the bronchi

Low temperatures can affect severely affected people asthma It causes shortness of breath, as the bronchi react to cold stimuli with convulsions. Sufferers should always breathe through their noses in cool surroundings, where the air is somewhat warmed.

This article contains only general information on the relevant health topic and is therefore not intended for self-diagnosis, treatment or medication. It does not in any way replace a visit to the doctor. Unfortunately, our editors are not allowed to answer individual questions about clinical images.


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