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Coach Unai Emery is Mr. Europa League

Coach Unai Emery is Mr. Europa League

Looking at the titles of the two clubs, it is very clear who is the favorite in the Europa League final.

After all, there are 20 English Championship titles aside, twelve National Cup wins, two wins in the Champions League and one win in the Europa League from Manchester United.

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And on the other hand? There is emptiness in FC Villarreal. There is no title in the entire history of the club. Yet the Spaniards were by no means hopeless foreigners, but traveled to Gdans with greater confidence. (Europa League Final: Manchester United – Villarreal FC Wednesday at 9pm on LIVETICKER)

Emery has already won the Europa League three times

The reason is a man: You are Emery. After all, Villarreal coach Mr. Europa League.

The coach and his teams have already played in four finals in this tournament. From 2014 to 2016, Emery won the trophy with Sevilla FC three times in a row. He only lost to Arsenal in the final against Chelsea.

No 49-year-old coach has such a strong record in this tournament! (Everything you need to know about La Liga)

A native of Honduras, he has played in the Europa League eight times. The season ended five times in the final. In 95 games at the International Cup, Emery has won 60 and collected 22 draws with only 13 defeats. It averages 2.13 points per encounter.

Emery is a Europa League fan

The love affair between Spaniard and the Europa League grew after coming to Sevilla FC in January 2013. “When I came to Seville, they told me: ‘Unai, playing in the Champions League is all good, but you never know what it means to win …'” Emery revealed many years ago. Guardian.

He took the attitude of his bosses and presented them with a hat trick.

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Success is not a coincidence.

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The coach is considered to be very hard working and diligent. He re-watches every game of his team in its entirety. He left it only once – after the final against Arsenal FC against Chelsea in the Europa League.

Emery is considered an alternative expert

These accurate video footages help Emery greatly during games: he is considered by experts to be one of the best and fastest coaches to perform under pressure. “Being competitive is paramount and important according to the circumstances,” he said. (Europa League results and schedule)

The Spaniard can usually optimize this goal: Emery will often replace key players after the 60th minute or successfully change tactics. A former Emeris employee reports on the changes Emeris made in the final stages: “This is magic!”

Despite all the advantages, the esteemed coach has not seen improvement in the two best clubs. From 2016 to 2018 Emery Paris Saint-Germain worked with world stars like Neymar.

The 49-year-old also failed at Arsenal from 2018 to November 2019.

In both stations, Emery was not taken seriously in the media, mainly because English was poor.

Emery failed at PSG and Arsenal

But now he has shown that they may have made a mistake by expelling his former clubs.

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In Villarreal, the coach did the magic last season. When he took office in the summer of 2020, no one thought about the Europa League final.

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After all, the club did not stop being eliminated in the summer of 2019, and then entered the international competition in earnest. However, from the small town of 50,000 people, many felt that such a season would never happen again, especially during epidemics.

However, Emery exceeded all expectations!

Makes Emery Moreno a great striker

He created a strong unit around the old hands of the likes of Danny Barrejo, Ibora and Carlos Paca and turned Gerard Moreno into a goal machine. The second best goal scorer in the league behind Lionel Messi with 23 goals, including Karim Benzema, attacked and shot the club into seventh. (La Liga table)

And Emery also inspired the self-confidence of her stars.

Villarreal does not look like a foreigner from the kick-off.

“Mr. is a winner in this contest!” Says security chief Raul Albiol. “It definitely helps,” the 35-year-old says. “How it helps!”

This helped in the semi-final against Arsenal, which must now bring victory against the next English company.


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