Home Top News Caustic bizarre win: Eintracht breaks Freiburg’s club record

Caustic bizarre win: Eintracht breaks Freiburg’s club record

Caustic bizarre win: Eintracht breaks Freiburg’s club record

This is the caustic drift
Eintracht spoils Freiburg club record

On the day of the 12th match of the Bundesliga, SC Freiburg missed a series in club history. Eintracht Frankfurt was surprisingly successful and settled down a little outside the cellar. Freiburg’s Vincenzo Grifo is viewed first as negative and then as positive.

Eintracht Frankfurt celebrated their third consecutive game victory, thus further enhancing their presence on the Bundesliga exit zone. Hessians beat SC Freiburg 2-0 (2-0) and now have a five-point lead in the eliminated rankings. Jasper Lindstrom (34th minute) and Philip Gostic (43rd minute) scored for the guests in front of 32,500 spectators at Europa-Park Stadium. Bayern Munich suffered their second defeat of the season two weeks later in a 2-1 draw at Munich. They are third in the table, but now five points behind second-placed Borussia Dortmund.

Both teams started briskly and harassed opponents early in their half. Freiburg’s Wu-Yong Jeong’s bad bass had no effect (10th), shortly afterwards serious Lindstrom SC keeper Mark Flecken checked in from a serious angle (11th). It took the hosts a quarter of an hour to create a real goal risk – but twice in a few minutes.

First Frankfurt goalkeeper Kevin Tropp was challenged by a low shot from Lucas Holler (19th), which was later extended by a cross from Vincenzo Griffo (25th). It took a bit of luck for Eintracht to take the lead in this game that had been in balance until then. Prior to Lindstrom’s 1-0 goal, the newcomer’s first goal in the Hessian jersey, Lucas Kupler unintentionally spiked the ball into Dane’s barrel. When Gostic changed it to 2-0, a Serbian free kick from the right half-field flew over all players in the penalty area, hit the ground, and then hit the left inner post into the net.

Grifo pair chooses the game

In the second half, Freiburg coach Christian Streich changed his structure from three to four. U21 national striker Kevin Shade came to defender Nico Schlotterbeck, whose use was already suspicious due to muscle problems. And Shade was right in the game: first the 19-year-old took two free-kicks, one of which went to Nicholas Huffler (51st). He then missed a good chance to hit the next goal himself (55th). Grifo then wanted to scuff a penalty with a swallow (55th), but after a penalty whistle failed he admitted on request that he had not been touched by Chandler.

Now a lot of music was played on both sides: a shot from Griffo was scratched off the lines by the Frankfurt team (56th), while Lindstrom (57th) and Taichi Kamata (58th) missed good chances for Indrakt. The Freiburg team showed excellent determination in the final stages, but failed to set a nine-year-old club record due to setbacks: having managed ten consecutive Bundesliga home games so far in 2012 without defeat.

Eintracht, who had to do without ankle-injured defender Martin Hindereker, found his place again after a last-minute victory at Crutherford (2: 1). In the last 20 minutes – against the Franks – their captain Sebastian Rhode suffered a knee problem. Roland Salloy (knee problems) celebrated his short comeback in Freiburg.

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