By-election for the House of Representatives seat in Chesham and Amersham: A clear defeat for the Conservative Party

Since the establishment of Sheesham & Amersham Circle in 1974, it has become conservatives There are more than half of the votes in every election. Now the Conservative Party of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson In the suburban constituency London He suffered a certain defeat. In the House by-election, candidate Peter Fleet received only 35.5 percent of the vote. Liberal Democratic candidate Sarah Green won a clear majority of 56.7 percent. Labor came in fourth with 1.6 percent of the vote, its worst result in decades.

So far, conservatives have kept the affluent electorate comfortable. In the last election in 2019, conservative Sheryl Gillan won by 16,223 votes. Gillan died that year, making by-elections necessary.

The apparent defeat of the Conservatives is due to various reasons: In addition to national issues such as the Conservative position in favor of Brexit and the government’s epidemic policy, domestic issues have also played an important role. Voters have repeatedly expressed concerns about a high-speed rail link running through the area and London with major northern England cities such as Birmingham and Manchester as well as Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland You must call.

Since the referendum in 2016, Brexit has helped reshape the UK’s political landscape, with people shifting their loyalty to the party in ways they haven’t in generations. Support for the Conservatives grew significantly in northern England.

Despite the election result, Johnson still has a clear majority of about 80 seats in the 650-member House of Representatives.

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