Home Top News Bundesliga: Bayern Munich play in draw with Portugal

Bundesliga: Bayern Munich play in draw with Portugal

Bundesliga: Bayern Munich play in draw with Portugal

“Are you all asking me?” After the 1-1 draw between Borussia Mönchengladbach and Bayern Munich, reporters sat at private desks and asked coaches face to face. For both Julian Knucklesman and Adi Hatter, it was the first Bundesliga game with their respective clubs. Especially at FC Bayern, many things remained the same as they were under Hansie Flick.

Former Munich and new national coach Robert Lewandowski met at Borussia Park – the opponent also saw. Flick may hear his successor say at the beginning of the analog press conference: “This is a very different game, which is not really a good sign for the coach.”

As if they were still wearing the national jersey

He sometimes described the opening game as “wild”, not “very classic 1: 1”. He failed to define a classic 1: 1, but got the message. Although the attacking midfield line-up with Leroy Sane, Thomas Mல்லller and Serge Knabry wore the national team, his team created plenty of opportunities.

Borussia Mönchengladbach had some promising chances to climb to the highest quality class, but referee Marco Fritz denied the penalty in two of the most controversial scenes in the final. Twice Diod Upamekano would have been the culprit, but especially in the 81st minute, the newcomer was lucky when Marcus pulled Durmin’s hand and touched his ankle. No whistle, video assistant intervened.

But even in the first quarter of the game, Bayer’s defense went as goalkeeper Manuel Neuer had been accustomed to his dissatisfaction for months. Alfonso Davis, inspired by the offensive action, initially made a level mistake that allowed Patrick Herman to approach Newer alone. Shortly afterwards he activated the Coldback leadership through a playback error.

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Davis, who recently recovered from injury, is an example of Bavaria who dominates German football, but gives the opponent a chance. When Munich won the championship in 2016, they conceded 17 goals, a year later 22. Last season there were 44 more than Union Berlin. This trend started in previous years.

List of Knucklesman’s tactical flaws

“Security is an issue – absolutely clear,” Nagelsman said. When asked if he needed a new player due to injury and the absence of Benjamin Boward for a week, he answered incorrectly. Instead, the coach drew up a list of tactical flaws. Defensive Weaknesses “Have to do a lot to play with the ball.” This leaves positions that often need to be occupied in order to avoid the opponent’s counter-attack. “We have to maintain the structure and we don’t have to run back and forth,” Knucklesman says.

But there is some time in training, because the first week in the Bundesliga is English. Super Cup against Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday. “We have to grow through the games,” Knucklesman said because of the tight schedule and the impending international game interruption.

The fight against Earling Holland and the PVP’s most elegant attack can be a rigorous training session, with a trophy at the end of it. Julian Knucklesmann’s first victory as FC Bayer’s coach will mark his first title as senior coach.


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