Bronze again for the two Alexandrian sisters in the World Championships

On Sunday, the duo took the first bronze medal in the history of Austrian synchronized swimming in technical freestyle. With the historic double package, Alexandris also managed to win OSV’s only team medal so far at the World Championships in Hungary.

Our sister Vasiliki said: “It was the best performance I have ever done,” Irene explained proudly and Anna Maria added: “We are very happy and very happy! But we are also very tired! ”

new goals

In about six weeks, the Alexandre sisters will start the European Championships in Rome and aim to win more medals. “Our goal is to be better than Ukraine next time,” Irene said. “But we still have to keep our feet on the ground and keep working hard,” Anna Maria Alexandri added. The fact that they “love Budapest” is also due to previous successes, such as two bronze medals at the European Championships 2021. At the Olympic Games last summer in Tokyo, the Alexandrian duo finished seventh.

final shock

Triple sister Vasiliki also achieved 5th place in both individual competitions.

Right before her final appearance on Tuesday, an American caused World Cup shock. Anita Alvarez lost consciousness in the water after her freestyle and sank to the bottom of the pool. Her coach, Andrea Fuentes, jumped into the water and drowned the athlete to the surface. With the support of a lifeguard, the dormant athlete was rescued from the pond and was immediately attended by paramedics. “You haven’t breathed for two minutes. With a heart rate of 180, you don’t want to be without air for two minutes,” Fuentes said, explaining that the 25-year-old was overwhelmed by stress. “But Anita is fine,” the coach and four-time Olympic medalist later said.

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According to Bella Merkley, medical director, the hesitation of lifeguards was due to the strict rules of the FINA Swimming Federation. “According to the rules, they are only allowed to jump in the water on the instructions of judges authorized by FINA.”

Bosher in the final

Simone Bucher swam sensationally in the final of the 100m butterfly at the Duna Arena on Thursday. The 22-year-old Tyrolean was fifth with a time of 51.22 seconds and was “completely satisfied”.


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