Blizzard brings in more than $24 million in its first two weeks

In the past few weeks we’ve been talking about the controversy frequently Immortal Diablo mentioned. But frank criticism of microtransactions does not prevent the title from becoming a successful source of income for Blizzard. In the first two weeks Free 2 Play Title game above 24 million dollars taken. This is according to data from Appmagic. The earnings between the Android version and the iOS version of the game are almost identical. While Blizzard has managed to earn $11.3 million with the Android variant, the figure for the iOS variant is $13 million. We reported a few days ago that the release of Immortal is the most successful in the series’ history according to Blizzard. Finally, the match was alone in the first week More than ten million times downloaded.

Who spends money on Diablo Immortal?

It’s interesting to see where the income from the game actually comes from. For example, no income comes from Belgium and the Netherlands. The game is not even published here due to the strict regulations regarding loot boxes. For example, 43 percent of income comes from United States of America. while out South Korea 23 percent of income comes from Japan at 8 percent, Germany at 6 percent and Canada at 3 percent.

Financial success despite disastrous ratings

Blizzard is currently validating a thesis we made some time ago. In mid-May, the CEO of Saber Interactive assumed ratings were no longer determining whether the game was a success. Currently, the earnings from the game seem to confirm his thesis. After all, Diablo Immortal’s ratings are currently not positive.


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