Home entertainment Black Den: Dagmar Worl Frustrated! Was exploited by founders?

Black Den: Dagmar Worl Frustrated! Was exploited by founders?

Black Den: Dagmar Worl Frustrated!  Was exploited by founders?

“Lion’s Den”: Dagmar Worl is frustrated – it is said that the founders took advantage of it

Apr 10, 2021 at 7:34 am


Investor “Die Höhle der Löwen”, Dagmar Worl, reaches a settlement with the “Kulero” deal.

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This idea is really impressive. ”Lion’s DenAt least three entrepreneurs wanted to join forces to help fund Kulero spoons.

In the end, it was investor Dagmar Worl who closed the deal on her own. But it didn’t take long before ‘Lion’s Den“The investor leaves the founders suddenly.

Lion’s Den“The founders canceled the investor deal

After Nico Rosberg and Niels Glagau were out because the “Colero” founders’ demands were too high for them, Dagmar Worl struck a deal that promised it only 10 per cent. But the “Lion’s Den– The star believes in the success of the edible spoon and agrees in good faith.

She would love to support Hermant Chawla and Juliane Schöning in their measures to avoid plastic waste in the long run. But of all things, the pandemic is said to have frustrated the two. They told the online magazine Gründerszene: “Our restaurant business customers have been hit hard by the closure, and incoming orders and payments have decreased accordingly.”


This is the “lair of lions”:

  • “Lion’s Den” is a founder show at Vox
  • The TV station is currently broadcasting the ninth season
  • Startups and founders offer their products – the investors (“blacks”) decide whether they want to get into the business
  • The investors in Season 9 are: Judith Williams, Carsten Mashmeyer, Nico Rosberg, Ralph Dummel, Dagmar Worl, George Kofler and Nils Glago.


Lion’s Den“: Dagmar Wöhrl is frustrated – is she just taken advantage of?”

So Dagmar did not hear about the founders. Shock for the investor who is now clearly talking about the broken deal in a video on Twitter. “Then I got an email in which the founders told me they were sorry, but they no longer want a stake, they no longer want to invest, and they don’t want to give up more of the company’s shares,” 66 said. Year.

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Dagmar Wöhrl doesn’t seem to believe these words and suspects an entirely different reason behind the rejection. “It turns out time and time again that there are founders coming to the show not to get a bargain, but to get time on the air. In order to make your product known and thus gain added value,” claims the entrepreneur.


More on the “Lions’ Den”:

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So Dagmar Worl fear that it only used to be able to post free ads. Very bold. Can “cholero” founders rescue themselves from the crisis without investor help? Doubtful.

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In the previous season, Dagmar Worl had clashed with the founders. With just one sentence, I tore that business idea apart.

Fellow Judith Williams was also extremely upset in the latest ‘Lion’s Den’ season. You can find out why here.

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