Bethesda presents the first gameplay scenes of the co-op shooter

With Redfall, the makers of Prey and Dishonored introduced a new co-op shooter about a year ago, in which players fight vampires alone or together in a small town. Developer Arkane showed what the shooter actually looks like for the first time last night at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.

In the nearly five-minute video, we see Layla, one of four playable heroes or heroines, as she investigates a church in the vampire-infested town of Redvale. The talkative (and somewhat annoying) young lady encounters many vampires. As can be seen in a later scene, there are also ordinary mortal sects in the ranks of the opponents.

Arkane Redfall is described as an open world shooter that can be played alone or in cooperation with up to three friends. In addition to Lily, who is blessed with telekinetic abilities, the team also includes sniper Jacob, tech expert Remy, and crypto hunter Defender. Redfall will be released in 2023, but the exact date is not known yet.


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