Home Top News Before the start of a new project: Linda Cervakis “Teksov” -As

Before the start of a new project: Linda Cervakis “Teksov” -As

Before the start of a new project: Linda Cervakis “Teksov” -As

Before starting a new project
Linda Cervakis “Teksov” -As

“I do not want to hear what I do to my body” – just before the start of her new Prosipen show, presenter Linda Cervakis spoke about the end of her “Takchow” life. So there was a health reason for your decision to leave the show.

Linda Cervakis and Matthias Optenhavel will present the new magazine “Cervakis & Optenhavel. Live”. In the interview, Gervais talked about his reasons for now stepping down as news anchor for “Teksov”.

The decision to turn her on the show was easy for her. “In addition to the news, I know I need another playground that NDR can’t provide for me,” he explains his intentions. “So I had to think carefully about whether I wanted to pursue this.” After all, the new Procybene presenter will not lose a uniqueness of her “Texaw” work.

Glad the Gerwakis no longer have to work shifts. “I’ve been working shifts for almost 20 years, and sometimes I wake up at night and say, ‘God, do I have to be in the morning magazine now?’ Sometimes during the day I think: ‘Should I go to the station tonight?’ You won’t find it so soon, ”the 46-year-old told the editorial network Germany (RND).

It had long been clear to her that she did not want to work for the rest of her life, Gervais said. “Because I noticed that my cycle was no longer good,” the referee explains. “Whenever there was something about sleep labs on TV and the impact of change on the body, I turned it off – I didn’t want to hear what it was doing to my body.”

Zervakis and Opdenhövel’s new project will now always be displayed approximately 120 minutes at the beginning of the week. The titles should be told close to the people. For example, she goes with a family who lost everything in the flood disaster. In addition, voters and top politicians need to engage in dialogue. “We explain relationships in a way that is understandable to all relationships,” Cervakis said.

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