Become a mother only late: Sabrina Mockenhaupt regrets it

Open words from Sabrina “Mocki” Mockenhaupt (40). When the former long-distance runner announced her first pregnancy at the end of 2019, it was close to her 39th birthday. As a result, she had to listen to a lot of bad reactions, and many network users found Mocki to be too big to be a kid. At the time, she resisted criticism. Now the multiple national champion has admitted: She wanted to be a mother sooner.

In conversation with Laura KrasickJimmy Blue Auchenknecht (29) and Gregor Mill (42) Favorite stars list – all under one roof The 40-year-old is now suddenly dangerous. to Gregor When Muki was asked about her daughter, she revealed: “I should have gotten sapphires sooner. I’ve been stuck running for too long and I should have stopped this or taken off gear sooner.” She lived for decades only for the sake of her career, and today she regrets it and says, “I wish I were a younger mother.”

Lura Why do you think this way? And Co, the former competitor, asked. Then Muki said: “I am 40 years old and my husband is 52. He says that even if he was over 60 at some point, the little boy is only ten years old. Still want to try a lot of baby. “

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Athlete Sabrina Mockenhaupt and her daughter
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Sabrina Mockinhaupt with her husband Kay and their daughter Ruby

Instagram / sabrinamockenhauptofficial

Sabrina Mockinhaupt with her husband Kay and their daughter Ruby
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